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CIC Designation

CIC® is a federally registered trademark and property of the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. Persons who may use the CIC® designation are those who have successfully passed the initial certification examination or the recertification examination (formerly called the SARE) within the previous five (5) years. Others who may use the CIC® are those past members of the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology whose service was within the previous two (2) years. Recertification by examination is necessary before the end of the fifth (5th) year for those previously certified and before the end of the third (3rd) year for past CBIC Board Members. Those individuals in these groups who do not recertify within these prescribed time limits may no longer use the CIC® designation.

Sanctions for Inappropriate Use of the CIC® Designation

No other person or persons are permitted to use the CIC® designation including, but not limited to, persons who fail to pass either the initial certification examination or the recertification examination. Individuals discovered using the designation and misrepresenting themselves as certified in infection prevention and control may have the following sanctions imposed upon them:

  • Issuance of a Cease and Desist Order by the Massachusetts Federal Court which can include:
    • A minimum statutory fine of $1000.00
    • Payment of all court costs for trademark owner
  • Deemed untrustworthy or unethical and permanently denied the opportunity to attempt the initial certification exam or recertification exam and the use of the CIC®;
  • Deemed untrustworthy or unethical and denied certification even with a passing examination score if the use of the CIC® was made prior to the announcement of the passing grade and awarding of the CIC® by CBIC.

Judicial & Ethics Committee

The Judicial & Ethics Committee (JEC) is charged with investigating, adjudicating, and disciplining reported incidents in which certification credentials have been falsified or misrepresented, altered examination score reports have been prepared, and forged educational documents have been presented. In addition, JEC investigates, adjudicates and recommends or takes appropriate action for the misuse of CIC® by those who have not obtained the right to use the mark or who failed to maintain the right to use the mark by not timely renewing his or her registration. The JEC also investigates and decides claims of unacceptable or harmful practice related behaviors of current certified professionals. In order to perform its functions, the JEC has adopted operating policies and procedures, which meet the standards of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), which requires that member organizations have an enforceable disciplinary process.

Examples of situations where the CIC® designation is used inappropriately that need to go through Judicial & Ethics process:

  1. Using CIC® credential in publications
  2. Using CIC® credential on business cards and correspondence
  3. Using the CIC® credential in Chapter meetings
  4. Using the CIC® credential on the examination application