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About the a-IPCTM Exam

What is the a-IPCTM?

The a-IPC (Associate – Infection Prevention and Control) entry-level certification examination is a measure of basic infection prevention competency. It is intended for the novice IP and for those interested in pursuing careers in infection prevention and control. It is also intended for those who do not meet the eligibility requirements for the CIC®. The a-IPCTM  is an objective, multiple-choice examination consisting of 100 questions. 85 of these questions are used in computing the score.

*Passing the a-IPCTM does not automatically qualify you for the CIC®. You must still meet the CIC eligibility requirements to sit for the CIC®

How do I take the a-IPCTM?

There are no eligibility requirements necessary to apply for the a-IPCTM. The a-IPCTM is offered five to seven days a week at testing centers throughout the United States, Canada, and international sites around the world. Candidates may also utilize a remote proctoring option at no additional cost or approval process. 

How long is the a-IPCTM valid for?

The a-IPCTM is valid for three years and is not renewable. Once the three-year period is up, it is expected that candidates will continue on to get their CIC® which demonstrates a continued commitment to the field of IPC, as well as mastery of knowledge.

a-IPCTM Requirements

There are no job-specific or education requirements to be eligible for the a-IPCTM. A candidate must only have interest in the field of infection prevention and control, and pay an application fee of $295.

Why the a-IPCTM?

The a-IPCTM is the perfect stepping stone to prove a candidate’s foundational knowledge, interest and dedication to the field, and provide him or her with the confidence to launch a career in infection prevention and control.

It is the ideal opportunity for those who do not meet the eligibility requirements of the CIC® exam to enter the field or to learn more about infection prevention and control.

Apply for the a-IPCTM

You are not required to submit any supporting documentation to apply for the examination.

Online Application

Application Resources

Before you begin the a-IPCTM application process, it is highly recommended you review the FAQ page, as well as the Candidate Handbook.

Study Resources

Please see the a-IPCTM Content Outline for content on the exam. 

Examination Appointment Policy

Please refer to CBIC's Examination Appointment Policy for information on rescheduling your examination appointment, requesting an extension to your current appointment date or eligibility end date, or cancelling your appointment date and/or eligibility altogether.

Prometric Experience

Visit our Prometric Experience page for more information on scheduling and what to expect on your test day.

a-IPCTM Candidates may also schedule a remote proctoring session through ProProctor.

Copyrighted Questions

All test questions are the property of the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC) and are protected by copyright. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted materials.

Test center administrators are not allowed to answer any questions pertaining to the exam content. If you do not understand a question on the examination, you should answer the question to the best of your ability. Opportunity for feedback will be provided in the post-exam questionnaire.

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