LTC-CIP: Recertification by Infection Prevention Units





**The IPU portfolio will open mid-2023 for all LTC-CIP credential holders to begin uploading credits. An announcement will be sent once this is available.**All currently certified LTC-CIP  professionals in infection prevention and control are eligible for recertification during the year their certification is due to expire. Continuing education credits, hereby referred to as Infection Prevention Units (IPUs), can be achieved through a variety of activities including presenting at conferences, authoring publications, furthering academic education, attending local or national conferences, participating in a professional organization in a position of leadership, conducting research specific to the field of infection prevention, and teaching topics related to infection prevention. Relevant qualifying activities may be eligible for IPUs if they occurred within the five years prior to the recertification deadline. A minimum of 40 units must be documented and submitted in the candidate’s recertification year; documentation will only be accepted electronically via CBIC’s online portfolio system.




Professional Organization Participation Templates*
-Chapter Leader Template*
-Appointment Letter Template*

*Please note these templates are meant to act as a guide and should be updated accordingly. See CBIC's IPU Portfolio Guide for more information on the Recertification by IPU process. 

To recertify by IPUs: 

Sign into your Profile: Click on "My IPUs" on the top navigation panel. This header will only appear if you are actively certified.

  • Click "Add New IPU" to being entering credits.
  • Click "Pay Now" when you are ready to submit your credits in the final year of your certification.