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CIC® Initial Certification


Supporting Documents


a-IPC Certification



We encourage candidates to visit Prometric's Test Center Openings and Test Center Closures pages to see if test centers are open before applying for the exam.

Additionally, you can check for appointment availability on Prometric's Loctate a Testing Center page.

CIC® Recertification

Recertification by Examination

You are not required to submit any supporting documentation to take the examination. The online application will be available in your CBIC online profile in the year of your recertification.

Recertification by Continuing Education

  1. Sign into your Profile: https://secure.cbic.org/imiscbic/cbic/application.
  2. Click on "My IPUs" at the top of the navigation panel. This header will only appear if you are actively certified.
    1. Click "Add new IPU" to begin entering credits.
    2. Click "Pay Now" when you are reading to submit your credits in the final year of your certification.