Certification Forms

CIC® Initial Certification (Applications are closed until late January 2022)


Supporting Documents

**A video tutorial on applying for the CIC® initial certification examination can be viewed here.

a-IPC Certification (Applications closed until late January 2022)


*No paper applications are available for the a-IPC exam.

COVID-19 Notice

CIC® Initial Applicants and a-IPC Applicants, please be aware prior to applying: Due to COVID-19, appointment availablity at testing centers may be limited. We encourage candidates to visit Prometric's Test Center Openings and Test Center Closures pages to see if test centers are open before applying for the exam.

Additionally, you can check for appointment availability on Prometric's Loctate a Testing Center page.

CIC® Recertification

Recertification by Examination (Applications closed until late January 2022)

You are not required to submit any supporting documentation to take the examination. The online application will be available in your CBIC online profile in the year of your recertification. 

Recertification by Continuing Education (Closed until late January 2022)

  1. Sign into your Profile: https://.cbic.execinc.com/edibo/profile.
  2. Click on "Recertification" from the left side navigation menu.
  3. Proceed through the following pages to indicate that you are certified and to update any contact information.
  4. Select "I wish to recertify by continuing education."
  5. Select "Manage your continuing education data" to begin filling out your portfolio. "Reference information" will take you to the IPUs criteria chart.

Bulk Applications

If you are interested in ordering 5 or more applications, you will need to submit a group payment. Instructions can be found in this downloadable PDF and a Group Payment Application can be filled out here. Once complete, send your request to info@cbic.org.