CIC® Recertification by Examination Overview

What is recertification?

Recertification is required in order to maintain the CIC® designation. All currently certified (CIC®) professionals in infection prevention and control are eligible for recertification during the year that their certification is due to expire.

How do I take the recertification examination?

To maintain current certification, the internet-based recertification examination must be purchased by November 30 and completed by 11:59 pm Greenwich Mean Time (6:59 pm EST) on December 31 of the CIC®s recertifying year. Please scroll down to view helpful information about the examination platform and process. The content outline is a general guide of the content covered on the recertification examination.

Online Recertification Application

You are not required to submit any supporting documentation to take the examination. The exam may be purchased in your online profile in the year of your recertification. The recertification examination is open-book and untimed, however it must be taken independently.

If you have any questions please contact CBIC at

Recertification Updates:

Effective January 1, 2026, the open-book untimed recertification examination will no longer be offered. Recertification will be obtainable through infection prevention units (IPUs) or by retaking the initial CIC® proctored examination. To learn more, view the Frequently Asked Questions page.


What to Expect After Submitting the Exam

Once you submit the exam, your score report will be shown immediately on your screen.

After seeing the score report, click "Continue" to proceed to the mandatory survey. The purpose of this survey is to record your feedback on the examination and how we might be able to improve your experience in the future.

If you successfully pass the recertification examination, a digital badge will be available to you within 3-5 days after completion of the exam. A physical copy of the certificate is also available. All certificate requests and orders can be accessed here.

Examination Scoring

Thr CIC® recertification examination has one reported pass/fail decision score. A candidate needs a total test scaled score of at least 700 to pass the CIC® recertification examination.  Scaled scores are determined by converting the number of questions answered correctly to a scaled score that ranges from 300 to 900.  Scaled scores provide a uniform frame of reference, based on the standard adopted by CBIC of the amount of knowledge necessary to pass, without regard to the specific examination form or version taken.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Sample Pass Report
Sample Fail Report 

Recertification Examination Policy

Recertifying candidates who do not pass the recertification examination cannot apply to retake the recertification examination or submit an IPU portfolio but may apply to recertify by the CIC® proctored examination. In order to maintain their certification after failing the recertification examination, they must pass the initial certification exam (CIC®) before the certification cycle ends. The CIC® examination must be purchased by December 17 and passed by December 31 to avoid a lapse in certification. An individual may retake the initial certification examination a maximum of four times per year, and no more than once every 90 days. Because the initial certification examination is available by appointment only at designated testing sites and via live remote proctoring, candidates are encouraged to purchase and complete their recertification examination early in the year to allow time to apply, schedule and take the initial certification exam in the event that they fail their recertification exam.

If a candidate fails to successfully recertify by the deadline, his/her certification will be considered to be expired and the CIC® designation can no longer be used. The candidate will then be required to apply for and pass the initial certification examination in order to once again be considered certified and use the CIC® designation again.

The recertification examination is offered in an English-only, internet-based format.

Important Web Browser Information when Taking the Exam

  • You will be able to log in and out as many times as necessary, prior to certification expiration, to complete the examination.
  • Responses provided during previous sessions will be saved.
  • You may return to an item at any time during your test to review or change your answer.
  • Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the recommended web browsers when taking the recertification exam.
  • **DO NOT ACCESS the examination in Internet Explorer or in a remote workplace access desktop such as, Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop.

CIC® Recertification Exam Tutorial

The following screens are to assist you with understanding the process for logging into the recertification examination for the first time using the TC Net platform. Please feel free to contact CBIC at if you have any questions.

Click on each photo to make it larger.

Once you begin the exam, you can save and exit at anytime. The photo below shows what you should see along the top of your screen at all times.

Once you try to exit the exam, you will be taken to a screen with two options. You may either "Save and Exit" or "Submit" your exam. If you save and exit you can return to the exam later. If you submit, your exam will be scored and you will not be able to return to the exam. You will also see a series of feedback screens as shown below: