Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2022, the CBIC Board of Directors met to develop an updated and innovative three-year strategic plan to be implemented in 2023.

The two-day strategic planning retreat was comprised of the 2022 Board of Directors, liaisons from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) and Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada), CBIC Executive Staff, and two independent strategic planning facilitators who guided the discussions. At the end of the two-day process, the attendees had outlined goals and objectives for a new three-year plan that was approved at the December 2022 CBIC Board meeting.

Strategic Plan: 2023-2025

Updates were made to the CBIC vision and mission.


  • A world free of infections through demonstrated professional competency.


  • Provide pathways to demonstrate and maintain competence in infection prevention and control.

Strategic Priorities and Actions—

Expand accessibility to certification for professionals responsible for infection prevention across settings.

CBIC will align with APIC’s Infection Prevention Competency Model, expand/revise competency demonstration opportunities, and create clear pathways for those working in infection prevention.

    • Alignment of certification opportunities along career path progression from novice, to mid-career, to expert
    • Clarification of the role each test serves in the career journey of an IP professional
    • Revision of existing tests, testing criteria and expectations to better align with the diversity of professional needs of those working in infection prevention

Reduce disparities in infection prevention through a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

CBIC aims to play a more visible role in the elimination of global disparities in the field of infection prevention.

    • Promotion of scholarships and support directed toward under-represented professionals in infection prevention through our partners including APIC, IPAC Canada, IFIC
    • Formation of partnerships with governments, non-governmental organizations, non-profits and other organizations working to improve community and population health around the globe to support credentialling of infection prevention professionals
    • Research to identify target populations which may need additional support in credentialling infection prevention professionals

Promote the value of demonstrated infection prevention competence.

CBIC will focus on activities that help increase awareness of the value of demonstrating competence in infection prevention in terms of societal impact, career progression, professional development, and certificant compensation.

  • Research to quantify value of demonstrated competence and/or to identify opportunities to create new value for those who have been certified (e.g., opportunities to serve in certain roles or positions)
  • Alignment with partners and other organizations who can amplify CBIC’s values and strategic priorities
  • Marketing campaigns to potential certificants to create interest in certification
  • Marketing campaigns to build employer support and interest in credentialled infection prevention professionals
  • Proactively identifying measures to gauge the value of certification (e.g., reduction of HAIs)

Note: The strategic plan is revised every three years, with the next revision due in 2025 for implementation in 2026.