Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2018, the CBIC Board of Directors met to develop a new three-year strategic plan to be implemented in 2019.

The two-day strategic planning retreat was comprised of the entire 2018 Board of Directors, liaisons from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) and Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada), a representative from CBIC’s testing company, CBIC Executive Staff, and two third-party strategic planning facilitators who guided the discussions. At the end of the two-day process, the attendees had outlined goals and objectives for a new three-year plan that was approved at the February 2019 CBIC Board meeting.

Strategic Plan: 2019-2022

Increase stakeholders’ and influencers’ knowledge and recognition of the value of verified infection prevention competency

  • Increase number of certificants from outside North America
  • Build awareness of certification
  • Outreach to international organizations and contacts
  • Refine targeted marketing and messaging with presence at international conferences
  • Expand reach and relevance across all sub-specialties or stakeholder segments
  • Include language “for all healthcare settings” on website and materials to signify the certification’s broad reach
  • Promotion of Value of Certification study

Collaborate with partners to expand CBIC’s reach and capabilities in furtherance of its mission, including regulation, advocacy, education, and research

  • Partner with other organizations to develop non-certification IP competencies outside of acute care
  • Identify potential contacts of the Board from primary, secondary, and tertiary partners lists
  • Develop standardized communication for outreach, including script and other outreach materials
  • Promotion of available grants for test prep (on social media, website, and at exhibit booths)

Build and share the fact base that demonstrates the benefits of competency assessment in preventing healthcare infections

  • Obtain data to show the value of a CIC® correlating to better infection statistics
  • Publish a study on the correlation of outcomes with a CIC® vs. a non-CIC®
  • Establish a CBIC Non-Board Task Force to facilitate studies
  • Identify options for attaining and maintaining competency
  • Review and possibly change eligibility requirements
  • Identify the barriers and motivators to obtaining certification
  • Establish relationships with patient advocacy organizations
  • Engage CICs® with a focus on professionalism and share on social and web

Safeguard CBIC’s financial viability to allow CBIC to fund its strategic goals

  • Improve the financial bottom line
  • Use the flexibility of investment income to fund new and innovative projects
  • Implement a quarterly thorough evaluation of the budget by the entire Board in conjunction with the advisor
  • Add financial advisor/consultant for non-investment budgetary review
  • Establish vendor (Prometric and Executive Director, Inc.) performance measures for evaluation
  • Obtain approximate dollar amounts for future Board approved proposals

Note: the Strategic Plan is revised every 3 years, with the next revision due in 2022 for implementation in 2023.