Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2015, the CBIC Board of Directors met to develop a new 3-year strategic plan to be implemented in 2016. The CBIC Board then approved the 2016-2019 plan at the February Board meeting.

The strategic planning meeting was comprised of the entire 2015 Board of Directors, liaisons from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) and Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada), a representative from CBIC’s testing company, CBIC Executive Staff, and a third-party strategic planner. It was a two-day process facilitated by the third-party strategic planner. Once the goals of the plan were formulated, the strategic planner compiled all notes from the two days and returned a finished strategic plan to CBIC. After further refinement during the Fall of 2015, the following strategic plan was approved by the Board in February 2016.

Strategic Plan: 2016-2019


Create new, and leverage existing, partnerships

  • Bring new candidates for certification
  • Establish a CBIC Outreach Task Force
  • Identify skills and connections on the Board
  • Target State HAI Programs and ANCC/Magnet
  • Demonstrate value of certification at the practice level
  • Work to overcome objections to becoming certified
  • Influence decision-making regarding the importance and value of certification
  • Continue to work with existing partnerships (APIC/IPAC Canada)
  • Leverage existing relationships

Study the value of certification with the goal of demonstrating a data driven value proposition to our constituents

  • Create a task force/sub-committee
  • Conduct 3rd party research (execute and analyze data/study)
  • Promotion/participation of study
  • White paper
  • Define Value (for the individual, institution, patient)

Create segmented (define, clarify, and prioritize) marketing strategies that reflect the value of certification to each constituency

  • Reach out to APIC chapters to gather feedback on materials sent in 2015
  • Establish CBIC Data Management Task Force
  • Engage CICs in telling their story and share on social media and web
  • Use data from the value of certification study to create segmented marketing plans
  • Develop a standard tool to help understand comments
  • Engage participants at APIC/IPAC Canada to discern value of CIC

Increase the net number of CICs by 840 NEW certificants (minimum) each year for the next 3 years

  • Identify chapters with a low number of CICs
  • Use outcomes from Goal 1 objectives and tasks to increase number of certificants
  • Identify why CICs don't recertify in order to minimize attrition
  • Develop an incentivized referral program to encourage CICs to spread the word about certification
  • Partner with APIC/IPAC to identify and target eligible IPs for certification
  • When sending recertification reminders, include survey to ask about retirement plans to project losses
  • Consider alternative levels of certification or certificate program(s)
  • Identify translation needs
  • Review goal number yearly and reassess

Note: the Strategic Plan is revised every 3 years, with the next revision due in 2019.