Exam Prep

Preparing for your examination takes time and practice. We want you to be as prepared as possible for your big day. In addition to the below materials for purchase, we offer a number of other resources, including suggestions on how to prepare for your examination, how to discuss taking the examination with your supervisor or employer, and of course, the Candidate Handbook.

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Exam Prep Webinars and Online Practice Exam

At this time, CBIC only offers on-demand webinars for the 8 core competencies of the examination and the online practice exam. Both materials can be purchased below. Other materials that may have the CBIC name or acronym on them, but are not sold on the CBIC website, are not produced by CBIC. If you would like to verify whether or not a resource is produced by CBIC please email us at info@cbic.org. However, please note that CBIC neither recommends nor endorses any study materials for the CIC® examination. The purchase and review of the on-demand webinars or online practice exam do not guarantee success on the examination.