What is Recertification?

Recertification is required to maintain the LTC-CIP designation. All currently certified (LTC-CIP) professionals are eligible for recertification during the year that their certification is due to expire. Successfully completing the recertification process demonstrates continued mastery of knowledge in infection prevention and control.

Why Recertify?

In addition to ensuring that your infection prevention and control knowledge is up to date, the recertification process proves to your employer that you are dedicated to continuous learning and that you can meet a certain standard of infection prevention competency.
There are two methods to obtain recertification: 

Recertification by Examination 

LTC-CIP certificants also have the option to recertify by examination. The initial LTC-CIP examination will be used to recertify by examination. There is not a separate recertification examination for the LTC-CIP. 

LTC-CIP certificants choosing to recertify by examination must pass the initial certification exam before his/her certification cycle ends. All certifications expire December 31 at the end of five years. The initial LTC-CIP examination will be available to you the year of your expiration. (Ex: If you expire 12/31/2029, you will not be able to apply for the initial examination until 1/1/2029). The examination must be purchased by December 17 and passed by December 31 of your expiration year to avoid a lapse in certification. An individual may retake the initial certification examination a maximum of four times per year, and no more than once every 90 days. If you choose to recertify by the initial examination and you do not pass, you may pay for and submit an IPU portfolio to recertify. Your IPU portfolio must be submitted by October 31 of your recertification year. 

Because the initial certification examination is available by appointment only at designated testing sites and via live remote proctoring, recertification candidates are encouraged to apply and pass the examination early in the year to allow time to reapply, schedule and take the initial certification exam again if they are unsuccessful on the exam.
If a candidate fails to successfully recertify by the deadline, his/her certification will be expired, and the LTC-CIP designation can no longer be used. The candidate will then be required to reapply after 90 days.