Which Exam is Right for You?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take an important step towards your individual and professional growth by pursuing a certification in infection prevention and control.

What’s next?

Find out which certification is right for you:

  • CIC®
    • A post-secondary degree from an accredited academic institution (an Associate’s degree or higher) OR a three-year Diploma RN degree* is required
      • *Applicable through December 31, 2020 only
    • Recommended two years of experience in infection prevention and control which includes experience in these specific areas.
    • Why the CIC? The CIC® credential identifies healthcare professionals who have shown mastery of knowledge in infection prevention and control.

    Yes, this is the certification for me!

  • COMING IN 2020: a-IPC
    • No job-specific or educational requirements to apply.
    • This entry-level certification examination is intended for the novice infection preventionist, those interested in pursuing careers in the field of infection prevention and control, and those interested in learning more about infection prevention and control.
    • Why the a-IPC? This program is the perfect stepping stone to prove a candidate’s foundational knowledge, interest and dedication to the field. The a-IPC is ideal for those who do not meet the requirements for the CIC®.

    Yes, this is the certification for me!