Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) Status

Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) Status Overview: The CIC® credential is an internationally renowned credential recognizing professionals who have shown mastery in infection prevention and control. Individuals who have maintained certification by recertifying every five years not only demonstrate a continued commitment to best practices in infection prevention and control but also serve as advocates for the CIC® and for CBIC. In an effort to recognize the contributions and professional achievements of CICs to the field of infection prevention and control, individuals entering retirement who currently hold the CIC® credential and meet specific criteria may obtain Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) status.


The perceived benefits of this Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) Status include:

  • Improve retention of certifiers
  • Improve weight and recognition of the credential
  • Recognize IPs that have sustained the credential for years
  • Improve financial footing
  • Respond to requests for the past several years

Download the CBIC Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) application form and submit the completed form to info@cbic.org

Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) FAQ

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  What is Emeritus status?

Emeritus status refers to someone who is retired or will be retiring from a given profession or industry. The title is given to recognize an individual’s professional achievements even after he or she has retired.

  Who is eligible to obtain Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) status?

Anyone who is currently in good standing with CBIC, currently holds the CIC® credential, and is entering retirement during the year he or she is due to recertify, or has already claimed retirement over his or her five-year recertification period, may obtain Emeritus status.

In addition, retired candidates whose CIC® credential has lapsed (those who chose not to recertify) may apply for Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) status by December 31st of the fifth year after lapsing (ex: if you lapsed on December 31st, 2015, you must submit a request for Emeritus CIC® status by December 31st, 2020).

  If I am still working, even part-time, can I apply for Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) status?

No. A candidate must be fully retired from work in the field, even in a part-time capacity.


  My CIC® lapsed last year and I am retiring this year. Can I still apply?

Yes, as outlined in the criteria, lapsed candidates may apply as long as they are in good standing with CBIC, have held the CIC® credential during the previous five years, and have followed the application process.


  What is the process to obtain Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) status?

1. The CIC® fills out an Emeritus Status Application Request form and submits this to the CBIC Executive Office.

2. CBIC Staff verify the individual’s retirement status by reaching out to the person-of-contact indicated on the request form OR the request is reviewed by the Executive Committee. 

3. CBIC notifies the candidate once the request is reviewed and a decision reached. The certificant will receive a separate Emeritus CIC® badge and may begin using the Emeritus CIC® designation (eCIC) immediately.

  Does Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) status require the CIC® to have been certified for a minimum number of years?

No. Retired individuals may apply for the eCIC at any time as long as they meet the Emeritus CIC® status criteria outlined above.


  Do I have to do anything to maintain Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) status (such as obtain CE)?

No. Once you have been granted eCIC status, there is no maintenance required. However, if at any time, the individual in question returns to full-time employment, he or she must surrender eCIC status and must re-apply, pay for, and successfully pass the initial CIC® examination.

  Can I still volunteer with CBIC as an eCIC?

Yes, CBIC encourages eCICs to remain involved with CBIC in a volunteer capacity. CBIC considers these certificants to be valuable for their historic CIC® knowledge and work experience.

  What documentation is required with my application?

Documentation is not required. Individuals applying for the Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) status must attest to their current employment status. Individuals found to violate the policies and eligibility requirements of the Emeritus CIC® (eCIC) program will have the designation revoked.