a-IPCTM in the Spotlight

What made you want to pursue a career in infection prevention and control? What does being an a-IPCTM mean to you? How has gaining the a-IPCTM credential impacted your career development? We want to put the Spotlight on you!

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Bushra Bilal, a-IPC

Getting a-IPC certified has given me an insight on the current trends and practices in the field of infection prevention and control, especially in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Sherry A. Anadiotis, a-IPC

I feel by initiating the a-IPC on my own it shows my commitment to my position and my desire to be in this specialty for the long haul.


Jillian Barthelemy, a-IPC

Becoming a-IPCTM has been a huge accomplishment for me! I think that the certification displays my commitment to the field of infection prevention and is a stamp of approval to show that I am knowledgeable in this realm of public health and healthcare.


Stella Sunny, BSN, RN,, a-IPC

On my very first day of a job stalking opportunity to infection control dept I was introduced to the field of Infection Prevention and Control. I immediately felt a rush of excitement and knew that Infection Control would be my career path.


Patrick D. Congjuico MSN, BSN-RN, a-IPC

Acquiring the a-IPC title has given me more confidence in my profession, especially as a travel infection preventionist nurse. Experience will always be the best teacher but I think getting the title gives me the edge and validation in my knowledge and expertise in infection prevention and control.


Tanya Legall, MPH, BSc, a-IPC

It is quite a privilege and honour to have this designation which shows that I have attained a level of excellence and competence to practice in my field.


Rhonda DeMeno, a-IPC

This certification has provided me with a broader knowledge base on infection control and key program elements which in turn has allowed me to provide my clients with expert guidance on infection control and prevention processes.