Coming in 2020: Recertification by Infection Prevention Units (IPUs) Overview

Recertification is required in order to maintain the CIC® designation. All currently certified (CIC®) professionals in infection prevention and control are eligible for recertification during the year that their certification is due to expire.

Recertifying candidates may recertify either by passing a web-based recertification examination or through continuing education.

Recertification by Infection Prevention Units (IPUs) is a process whereby recertification after the initial CIC® exam can be accomplished by obtaining a minimum of 40 IPUs in accredited content relevant to infection prevention and control and matching at least six of the current domains.

IPUs Process

Step 1: Review the FAQ section

Before you begin the Recertification by IPUs process, it is highly recommended you review the FAQ page, as well as the Candidate Handbook.

Step 2: Access your professional portfolio

Certificants who wish to recertify by continuing education may access the recertification portfolio beginning January 1 of the certificant’s recertifying year.

The professional portfolio portal can be accessed by logging into "My Profile".

Step 3: Log your IPUs

A complete list of IPUs can be downloaded here. A thorough breakdown of all IPUs can also be found in the Candidate Handbook. All documentation must be uploaded electronically.

Step 4: Submit your professional portfolio

At the time of submission, you must also pay your continuing education submission fee and fill out a recertification by IPUs form.

Recertification by IPUs Form

To maintain current certification, the professional recertification portfolio must be submitted by 11:59pm GMT on November 1 of the year the certificant is due to recertify.

If a candidate fails to submit all 40 IPUs by the November 1st deadline, or if the professional portfolio does not meet the approved IPUs criteria, the candidate can recertify only by passing the proctored recertification examination prior to December 31st of the candidate’s recertifying year (application and fees apply).

If a candidate is unsuccessful with all of the above, he/she will then be required to apply for and pass the initial certification examination, meeting all of the eligibility requirements, in order to once again be considered certified and use the CIC® designation again.

What to Expect Afer Submitting Your Portfolio

The entire application process can take up to 30 days from date of receipt. Please allow 30 days after submitting your professional portfolio before contacting CBIC.

Once your professional portfolio has been reviewed, you will receive an email indicating whether or not your portfolio units met the prescribed criteria.