Recertification by Infection Prevention Units (IPUs) Overview

Update: 2024 applications are now open!
Recertification is required in order to maintain the CIC® designation. All currently certified (CIC®) professionals in infection prevention and control are eligible for recertification during the year that their certification is due to expire.

Recertifying candidates may recertify either by passing a web-based recertification examination or through continuing education, hereby referred to as Infection Prevention Units (IPUs).


You can accumulate IPUs at any point during your five-year recertification period. To make the process go smoothly, we have gathered some useful links as resources.


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Professional Organization Participation Templates 
-Chapter Leader Template*
-Appointment Letter Template*

*Please note these templates are meant to act as a guide and should be updated accordingly. See CBIC's IPU Portfolio Guide for more information on the Recertification by IPU process. 

APIC Webinar: CIC® Recertification Overview 

Still have questions? Visit the frequently asked questions page for more information.


Sign into your Profile: Click on "My IPUs" on the top navigation panel. This header will only appear if you are actively certified.

  • Click "Add New IPU" to being entering credits.
  • Click "Pay Now" when you are ready to submit your credits in the final year of your certification.
  • Click the "Submit my Application for Review" button once you see the three green check marks at the bottom of your portfolio. 

Upcoming Changes Effective 2028

To promote continuous learning, effective January 1, 2028, certificants must demonstrate that a portion of their IPUs have been attained in different years of the five-year certification cycle. Additionally, effective 2028, for multi-session infection control courses that offer continuous education units, an IPU may be awarded for each educational session of one hour or more, to a maximum of 30 IPUs for the course.

To better align with the strategic plan, the CBIC Board recommends candidates earn at least two IPUs from diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and health equity within healthcare as a part of the minimum required 40 IPUs. DEI and health equity should be self-evident in the title or learning objectives. Both APIC and IPAC Canada have webinars that would meet this criteria

What to Expect After Submitting Your Portfolio

The entire application process can take up to 30 days from date of receipt. Please allow 30 days after submitting your professional portfolio before contacting CBIC.

Once your professional portfolio has been reviewed, you will receive an email indicating whether or not your portfolio units met the prescribed criteria.

Revisions and Resubmissions

Revisions to your original portfolio will be allowed and you will have the chance to resubmit it for further review if it is not approved initially. You will receive an email notification for revision requests along with information on what activities were not accepted and why. Instructions on how to update your portfolio will be included in that communication. If you do not respond to the resubmission request, your portfolio will not be accepted and you will need to recertify using the proctored in-person examination. There is a limit of TWO revisions and resubmissions. If after the second and final revision your portfolio is not approved, you must recertify by taking the proctored CIC® examination to maintain your CIC® status.


The recertification portfolio must be submitted by October 31 of the recertification year.  If the portfolio is not submitted by October 31, the candidate has until November 30 to submit the portfolio with an added late fee of 25% of the recertification fee.  The only method to obtain recertification for candidates who miss the November 30 deadlines are to purchase and complete the initial proctored examination by December 31.