a-IPCTM Certification FAQ

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  What is the Associate – Infection Prevention and Control (a-IPC)™?

The a-IPCTM is an entry-level certification examination. Successful certification will demonstrate basic infection prevention competency. It is designed to enable those individuals who do not meet the eligibility requirements for the CIC® and others the opportunity to enter the field.

  What is the difference between the a-IPC™ and the CIC®?

The a-IPCTM is intended for the novice IP and those interested in pursuing careers in infection prevention and control who don’t meet the CIC® eligibility requirements. The CIC® is intended for those professionals already working or practicing in the field of infection prevention and control. The a-IPCTM is a separate credential from the CIC®.

*Passing the a-IPCTM does not automatically qualify you for the CIC®. You must still meet the CIC eligibility requirements to sit for the CIC®

  What is the benefit of the a-IPC™?

The a-IPCTM is the perfect stepping stone to prove a candidate’s foundational knowledge, interest and dedication to the field. Successful certification indicates interest in the field to potential or current employers.

  How long is the a-IPC™ valid for?

The a-IPCTM is valid for three years.

  What happens after the three-year entry-level certification period?

The a-IPCTM is not renewable. Once the three-year period is up, it is expected that candidates will continue on to get their CIC®. This demonstrates commitment to the field of IPC, as well as mastery of knowledge.

  How much does it cost?

There is an application fee of $295.

  How do I apply for the a-IPC™?

Candidates interested in the a-IPCTM can apply and pay the application fee online: https://secure.cbic.org/imiscbic/cbic/profile/

  Are there any eligibility requirements to apply for the a-IPC™?

There are no job-specific or educational requirements to apply for the a-IPCTM. Applicants ideally will have an interest in the field of infection prevention and control.

  How many questions are on the a-IPC™ examination?

There are 100 questions in total. 85 of the questions are used in computing the score.

  How long is the a-IPC™ exam?

The time length of the a-IPCTM examination is 120 minutes. The sit time of the entire examination, including tutorials and post-exam surveys, is 150 minutes.

  If I decide I no longer want to take the exam, can I cancel my application?

If you decide that you no longer want to take the examination, you may contact the CBIC office and ask the staff to cancel your eligibility. CBIC will refund your money less a $80 administrative processing fee.

  How do I prepare for the a-IPC™?

CBIC does not endorse any particular method of study or education. However, CBIC highly suggests reviewing the content outline and list of references available in the CBIC Candidate Handbook.You should study from the texts that are used to write the questions for the exam. In addition, CBIC’s partner organization, APIC, offers some study materials. Visit www.apic.org for more information.

  Where can I take the a-IPC™?

The a-IPCTM is administered at hundreds of testing sites throughout the United States, Canada, and at select international sites through the testing company Prometric. To locate a testing center closest to you, visit Prometric’s site.

  If I fail the a-IPC™, can I reapply?

Yes, candidates may reapply for the exam at anytime. There is a 6 month waiting period between the date of your last exam and your new eligibility period.