LTC-CIP in the Spotlight

What made you want to pursue a career in infection prevention and control? What does being an LTC-CIP  mean to you? How has gaining the LTC-CIP credential impacted your career development? We want to put the Spotlight on you!

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Emma Brookes, LTC-CIP

Becoming an LTC-CIP was a big accomplishment for me and something I am very proud of. I feel confident delivering education, advice, and putting practices in place knowing that I have proven my expertise through the LTC-CIP certification.


Robert Palardy, LTC-CIP

Being LTC-CIP to me has been an honor and others turn to me for advice and education. However, with what I have learned as an IP, especially with the LTC-CIP, I have noticed that I now get more respect from my peers as well as the physicians I work with.


Jessica Danko, LTC-CIP

The certification of the LTC-CIP speaks to my credibility. By having this credential, there is a level of knowledge and training that people expect that you have as an infection preventionist. The credentials have provided me an additional level of respect. It has led to individuals seeking my input and led to the utilization of my knowledge as a resource. Those seeking advice and information on infection prevention and control questions, training, and education now reach out to me.


Stella Entcheva, MMed, MD, LTC-CIP

I stay up-to-date with IP&C practices by attending events and lectures on the subject, communicating with regional professionals, staying up-to-date with provincial and national guidelines.