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CBIC President's Message

"Certification is Commitment"

Excitement – motivation – old friends - new IP professionals and new products!

That’s what I found at the Infection Prevention conferences this summer. CBIC was fortunate enough to be able to attend the IPAC Canada National Conference held in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada and attend the APIC Annual Conference in amazing Minneapolis, Minnesota.  For me, it was thrilling and inspiring to hear all of the success stories with innovative thinking and problem solving for recurrent long-standing IP challenges.  The CBIC Board was excited to see so many new IP practitioners (the next generation) so highly visible at both of the conferences.

One of the greatest joys at conferences is to serve in the CBIC booth and have the opportunity to visit with so many of you. Of note were the many energetic and animated discussions around creative approaches for developing and mentoring/study groups of IP’s as well as preparation for the CIC®. Several of these study groups were represented at the conferences and I was pleased to learn of their devotion to certification. In some of these, leaders establish a webinar format and can accommodate hundreds of participants in their educational sessions. Other groups physically come together to provide support and review study tips. One group in particular has been able to facilitate the successful certification for more than 20 IP’s this year alone.

At the booths we were able to learn of international groups as well (outside the USA and Canada).  There truly is a global drive and focus as IP’s around the world prepare for certification. CBIC has materials available if you are interested in getting involved or starting a virtual study group for your facility or region by clicking here.

A highlight of the APIC Conference in Minneapolis had to be the CIC® Dessert Reception.  How wonderful to get so many CIC’s in one room!  I was privileged to celebrate with many new CIC’s who had passed their initial certification exam this past year (one in particular who passed the exam only one day prior)! Of note,

  • In the first 5 months of the 2018, 628 Initial Certification candidates passed the exam.
  • In January of 2018, 7 Recertification candidates successfully recertified by purchasing and completing their examinations in January (100% passed!).

Just as a reminder, the initial CIC® examination is still available to you in Canadian French. This is an excellent opportunity for those IP’s who prefer to write the exam in Canadian French! CBIC is happy to offer this translated version to first time IPAC Canada candidates who are fluent in the Canadian French language. For more information, please click here.

In closing, happy 35th anniversary of the CIC® and to all who have certified over the years. I hope all of you are having as much fun as we are during this year-long celebration. Please join us on Facebook for Micro Mondays, and retired test questions on Tuesdays and Thursdays for extra practice!

The best to you –

B. Joann Andrews, DNP, RN, CIC,
2018 CBIC President