Patrick D. Congjuico MSN, BSN-RN, a-IPC

Location: New Mexico

Company/Organization: Travel Nurse IP

Title: Infection Preventionist

First Certified: March 2023

1.    What made you want to pursue a career in infection prevention and control?

It started out as a means to an end. I was a foreign graduate who was looking for an opportunity to work as a nurse in the US and being an Infection Control nurse was exactly that. At first, it was a challenge with the language barrier and telling people to wash their hands and wear their PPEs. But as days turn to months and then years, I grew to enjoy and love my work. That the indirect impact of a well executed infection prevention and control program towards quality patient care has made me want to pursue and improve my career in infection prevention and control.

2.    What does being a-IPCTM mean to you?

Acquiring the a-IPC title has given me more confidence in my profession, especially as a travel infection preventionist nurse. Experience will always be the best teacher but I think getting the title gives me the edge and validation in my knowledge and expertise in infection prevention and control. 

3.    How has gaining the a-IPCTM credential impacted your career development?

It not only gave me a physical title for more work opportunities as a travel infection preventionist nurse, it also gave me validation in my knowledge and expertise in practicing infection prevention and control. 

4.   What was the best studying method for you when preparing for the examination? 

I did the Certification Study Guide book to prepare for the test. I figured if I treat the a-IPC test as the actual CIC exam, I’ll be able pass it. And I did which I am grateful for.

5.   Do you intend on pursing your CIC® credential? If so, why is becoming certified important to you?

Yes, being certified is important to me because it will prove that I have met the qualifications and standards of being an infection preventionist nurse. It will also set the bar on what is expected of me as a certified infection preventionist which will only help me grow professionally in the long run.