Afif Escheik, BA, a-IPC, CHL, CER, CIS, CRCST, CST

Location: New Jersey

Company/Organization: Crothall Healthcare

Title: Regional Director of Operations

First Certified: December 2023

1.    What made you want to pursue a career in infection prevention and control?

The connection between Sterile Processing and IP is paramount to the success of a facility and ultimate patient safety, this is what made me pursue infection prevention education and certification.

2.    What does being a-IPCTM mean to you?

Being an a-IPC means I have obtained and earned specific knowledge within the IP specialty that I can use to ensure I maintain a vision of complete patient safety and facility alignment. It also means I can stand in a room with the IP team and understand and speak the same language.

3.    What was the best studying method for you when preparing for the examination?

Courses and programs as well as study guides.

4.    How has gaining the a-IPCTM credential impacted your career development?

I believe it adds a level of respect from my colleagues and peers, as well as shows my commitment to healthcare as a whole. 

5.    Do you intend on pursuing your CIC® credential? If so, why is becoming certified important to you?

I will be pursuing my CIC because I think it is important to merge the sterile processing world with the IP world and create a new standard of management and quality assurance.