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Candidate Information and Eligibility Requirements

Candidate information

Information regarding CBIC and the CIC® examination can be found on the CBIC website at, including:

Eligibility Requirements

CBIC recently updated its eligibility requirements in July of 2015. The new requirements allow professionals working outside of acute care settings, such as public health practitioners, to obtain certification in infection prevention and control. Successful certification indicates competence in the actual practice of infection prevention and control and applied healthcare epidemiology, and is intended for individuals who are actively accountable for the infection prevention and control program within their current position.

Eligibility requirements for the CIC® initial certification examination are based on the results of a practice analysis conducted every five years. This analysis helps CBIC gain a better understanding of professionals working in the field, and therefore determines the scope of practice and education needed to become competent in infection prevention and control. Once a candidate has met the eligibility requirements for initial certification and passes the examination, they are required to recertify every five years through retesting. Recertification candidates do not need to meet eligibility requirements or provide supporting documentation unless their certification lapses. The most recent practice analysis was conducted in 2014.

For more information on credentialing, watch this video from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence!