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Exam Administration and Quality Assurance

Exam Administration

Certification in Infection Control (CIC®) demonstrates competence in the field of infection prevention and control. The credential signifies a level of prestige among infection prevention and control professionals. Therefore, it is very important that CBIC maintains the integrity of the test through strict exam administration policies. This is why CBIC uses Prometric, a testing agency, to develop and administer both the initial certification exam and the recertification examination. Prometric ensures that all candidates take the examination under equally favorable conditions and in a setting that reduces the risk of compromising the security of the examination.

Quality Assurance

The vision of CBIC is to be the leading provider of professional certification for infection prevention and control. Certification by CBIC is the standard of excellence that infection prevention and control professionals will seek in order to ensure quality care that the public expects, demands, and deserves. In order to maintain this vision, CBIC must have policies in place regarding quality assurance. CBIC works with a testing agency as well as a Test Committee comprised of both Board and non-Board volunteer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who develop and review the examination content, ensuring that the CIC® examination consistently and impartially establishes a minimum level of competence in the field of infection prevention and control. The complete CBIC Policies and Procedures Manual can be found here.

For more information on credentialing, watch this video from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence!