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APIC 2017 Testimonials: What Does the CIC Certification Mean to You? from CBIC on Vimeo.

APIC 2017 Testimonials: Advice to Future CIC's from CBIC on Vimeo.



  • CIC® Recertification - Certification is Commitment
    In this webinar, CBIC Board President B. Joann Andrews, DNP, RN, CIC, discusses with IPAC members about the CIC® recertification examination, why it's important to recertify, and some valuable resources to help you prepare for the examination.

  • IPAC Certification Board Webinar
    In this webinar, CBIC Board President Lita Jo Henman, MPH, CIC discusses with IPAC members about who CBIC is, what the CIC® certification means, why it is important to become certified, and what one needs to do to become certified.

  • How to Set-up a Virtual Study Group
    In this webinar, CBIC Board members Linda Goss, APRN, CIC and Karen Anderson, MT, MPH, CIC go through the steps to set-up a virtual study group to help others prepare for the CIC® initial certification examination.

  • How to Apply for the Initial Certification Exam
    In this webinar, CBIC staff takes you through, step-by-step, the process for applying for the initial certification examination.

Webber Teleclasses

  • Certification and Support of the CIC® Examination (October 21, 2016) - Presented by CBIC Board of Directors Karen Anderson, MT, MPH, CIC and Chris Zirges, RN, MSN, ANCS-BC, CIC

  • Demystifying the CIC® Certification Exam (November 5, 2015) - Presented by: CBIC Secretary Roy Boukidjian, MSN, PHN, CIC, NE-BC and Director Linda Goss, MSN, APRN-ANP, CIC, COHN-S

  • CBIC Practice Analysis - What is it and Why is it Critical to the Test? (November 6, 2014) - Presented by: CBIC Past President Craig Gilliam, BSMT, CIC and Director Lita Jo Henman, MPH, CIC

  • The Road to CIC® Certification (October 17, 2013) - Presented by: Dr. Ruth Carrico and Dr. Kathryn N. Suh


  • Would you like brochures on certification to hand out at your chapter meetings or educational events? Please contact us at or call (414) 918-9796 and we will be happy to send some to you.