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About Recertification

What is the Recertification Examination?

The recertification examination is a 150-question, multiple-choice, web-based examination designed to assess the knowledge of professionals in infection prevention and control and epidemiology. The recertification exam questions are not identical to any in the active pool of questions used on the initial certification examination, but were developed or redesigned by the CBIC Test Committee specifically for the purposes of the recertification examination. Like the initial certification exam, the recertification exam questions are based on the most current CBIC practice analysis, and the content outline is similar to the one used for the initial certification examination however, the scored domains and number of items in each domain area may vary slightly. The questions developed are held to the same standards and analysis as the initial certification examination. The purpose/goal of the recertification examination is to demonstrate continued knowledge mastery in the field of infection prevention and control.

The eight objectives for the 2018 recertification examination are as follows:

  1. Identify infectious disease processes
  2. Describe the components of an effective surveillance system
  3. Discuss the processes used in preventing/controlling the transmission of infectious agents
  4. Describe the components required for managing an Infection Control Program
  5. Describe the methods used to develop education and research projects
  6. Identify Infection Control aspects of employee health
  7. Describe the components of a safe care environment
  8. Identify proper techniques for cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, asepsis

Application Procedure

Candidates recertifying by recertification examination must complete the recertification exam application. The recertification exam must be ordered in the same calendar year the candidate is due for recertification. You can order the online recertification examination exam here. To complete a paper application, download the recertification examination order form here.

Please note: it takes up to 7 business days to process recertification examination applications.

How the Recertification Examination Works

Within seven days of receipt of a request for the recertification examination, the candidate will receive a confirmation e-mail with specific instructions on how to login to the recertification exam. The e-mail will include a unique ID and password that must be used during the login process. Candidates will be able to login and out as many times as necessary, prior to certification expiration, to complete the examination; responses provided during previous logins will be saved. Candidate score results will be provided online immediately after submitting the exam. Please pay close attention after your exam is submitted, as this will be the only indicator of a pass/fail for 2-4 weeks following submission.

-If you want to save your answers and return to the exam at another time, click “End Test” and then click “Save and Exit”. This will allow you to enter the exam again at the place where you left off. DO NOT CLICK “SUBMIT”. If you do, your exam will be submitted for scoring and you will not be able to re-enter.

-After finishing the last question, you will have an opportunity to review your answers via an Item Review Page. Click on any test item to view your answer. To view the previous or next test items on the list, click “Previous” or “Next”. To return to the Item Review Page, click the “Back” button on your browser.

-Before you receive your pass/fail confirmation, you must also respond to a short 11-question survey. Your answers to these questions will help CBIC evaluate and continue to improve the recertification examination process. The survey questions are not scored and should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

-If you need your link to the recertification examination, your eligibility information resent to you, or technical assistance, please contact the CBIC office at +1 (414) 918-9796 or

Click here to view the recertification examination tutorial.

The recertification examination must be ordered in the same calendar year as the candidate is due for recertification. It can be ordered beginning January 1 of that year. The deadline to order the recertification examination is December 20. It must be completed and submitted for scoring by 11:59pm GMT / 6:59pm EST on December 31 of the recertifying year. However, CBIC strongly recommends submitting the recertification exam no later than December 30 to be sure that everything is submitted successfully in time.

Use this time zone converter to ensure you submit your exam on time:

For more information about the recertification examination please see the Candidate Handbook.

There is a nonrefundable fee for each recertification examination purchased