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Canadian French Exam

CBIC offers a Canadian French translation of the CIC® initial certification examination! Since CBIC works closely with IPAC Canada, and the official languages of Canada are English and French, it was important to offer our future CICs in Canada a Canadian French option for the CIC® certification examination. However, the exam will be available at Prometric testing facilities around the world. Please note that the material on the examination is the same as the material found on the English exam. The Canadian French exam has the exact same content outline as the English version. 

Candidates interested in the Canadian French examination should apply for the CIC® examination and contact the CBIC staff by email:

For more information, you can listen to a podcast recorded by CBIC Director Chris Zirges, RN, ACNS-BS, CIC on the process of translating the initial CIC® examination into Canadian French. If you have any questions regarding the Canadian French initial exam or any other questions pertaining to the CIC® credential or CBIC itself, please feel free to contact the CBIC Executive Office at

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