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Volunteer Opportunities

CBIC offers several opportunities for CICs to become more involved in the organization through volunteering. Volunteer opportunities are reserved for CICs only. Please see descriptions below for more information regarding the position details and the individual requirements.

Interested candidates should click here to fill out the online application form.

Test Committee Member - Applications Open for 2019

Read more on call for applications

The ideal candidate will be an energetic individual and only those currently board certified (CIC®) may apply. Interested individuals should complete the online Show of Interest form found here and submit their CV / resume. The form can also be downloaded as a PDF and submitted via mail or email.


The deadline for receipt of the form and resume or CV is
October 15, 2018.

CBIC along with its testing agency, Prometric, has worked to implement a test development strategy that establishes a fair examination process. In this process, we implement several different forms of the exam to ensure candidates don’t all take the same exam and for those who have to retake the test, they do not take the same test twice. Each exam is comprised of 150 multiple choice questions. Only 135 of these questions are scored. The other 15 are test questions Prometric uses to ensure a fair exam. These questions are written by the Test Committee; new questions (or items) are cycled through each year for the initial certification examination and every two years for the recertification examination (formerly called the SARE).

The Test Committee is in charge of writing and reviewing these new items. It is a two-year commitment and is led by two Board members, the Test Committee Chair and Co-Chair. Members of the Test Committee participate in one of two ways: as part of the Item Writing Subcommittee or the Item Review Subcommittee. In order to participate in the Test Committee, you must be a current CIC® who has taken both the initial certification and the recertification examination (formerly called the SARE).

Item Writers

Item writers participate in training with a test development professional from Prometric remotely. They are then given an assignment to write an estimated 6-7 different items in one of CBIC’s eight domains:

1) Identification of Infectious Disease Processes
2) Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation
3) Preventing/Controlling the Transmission of Infectious Agents
4) Employee/Occupational Health
5) Management and Communication
6) Education and Research
7) Environment of Care
8) Cleaning, Sterilization, Disinfection, Asepsis

Once the item writing assignments are submitted, the newly written items are reviewed by a separate group of CIC® subject matter experts at the Item Review Workshop.

Item Reviewers

Item reviewers attend a two day in-person workshop facilitated by members of the Prometric test development staff. Subject matter experts who attend this meeting review questions submitted by the item writers. The finalized items are brought to the Form Review meeting, at which new test items are put into an examination form. Form reviewers are selected from current CBIC leadership.

Board of Directors

The CBIC Board of Directors is comprised of 14 Directors, an APIC Liaison, an IPAC Canada Liaison, and the CBIC Executive Director. A Director’s term is three years. The full Board meets in person twice per year and by phone once per year.

As a Board member, you will also have the opportunity to take leadership roles within the CBIC Board structure. As a director, you may choose to run for the office of Board President, Secretary or Treasurer. You may also be selected to lead the Test Committee or Marketing Committee.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee provides leadership and guidance for the marketing practices carried out by CBIC staff. They work with the CBIC staff liaison to guide marketing and communications plans around topics such as social media, changes to policy and procedures, APIC/IPAC conferences, toolkits, etc.

The Marketing Committee is chaired by a Board member and currently meets by conference call on the third Thursday of every month from 10am – 11am CT.

Note: the process for applying for the Board of Directors is separate from the other volunteer opportunities. Email notifications are sent out to all CICs in the early spring of each year. Please keep an eye on your inbox during this time for more information.

CIC® Reception Greeter

Each year at the APIC Annual Conference, CBIC hosts a reception for all of the CICs in attendance. We have hundreds of CICs attend the reception and need more volunteers to help us greet our guests. As a greeter, you must arrive a few minutes before the Reception to be briefed on your responsibilities. You must also be willing to stay for the full reception. The total time commitment for CIC® greeters is approximately two hours.