Shahbaz Salehi, MD, MPH

Location: Poway, CA

Title: Director

Company/Organization: Southern California Hospitals

First Certified: Prospect

Our greatest success was that we did not have a single positive patient in our Long-term acute care facility (LTAC) during this pandemic (as of 4/22/20201). We are only a handful of LTAC in California that did not have any positive patients, and no patient died because of COVID. We were able to do this by creating a tight unit with frequent testing and isolation of PUI staff (Person Under Investigation). Over a year into this pandemic, we are still testing staff daily and testing patients monthly to make sure they do not have COVID. This is a significant accomplishment for my team and me because we wanted to keep our resident population safe while providing them with the care they need. Now that we have Vaccine, we have encouraged staff to get the COVID vaccine. Currently, we have 86% of our team vaccinated and 96% of our residents vaccinated. We hope to soon open our unit for visitation by creating a barrier between patients and visitors and testing visitors on-site before entering the facility.