Rejin Chandran R, RN, CIC

Location: India

Title: Infection Control Practitioner

Company/Organization: Al Qassimi Women and Children Hospital

First Certified: July 2018

As UAE is a travel destination, January 2020 itself was a challenging month for us in identifying the cases at the first entry points of our hospital. The in-depth knowledge about the outbreak management, management of influx of patients with communicable diseases, surveillance and methodology, identification of infectious disease processes, and cleaning sterilization and disinfection which helped me to stand strongly in combatting the COVID19 pandemic situation. During the first quarter of 2020, there was severe staff shortage because of COVID19 positive and quarantined staff. To avoid the further spreads and to manage the situation,

1. Established a single point of entry for staff and patients, where all of them were screened and symptomatic staff were advised for a COVID19 PCR test and excluded them from duty and for symptomatic patients, as required were isolated to the isolation ward ( newly established) based on the scope of service or else were referred to a medical facility for the further management, 

2. Strict isolation period for the COVID19 positive staff and strict quarantine period for all significant exposures helped us to reduce the spread within the facility.

3. Strict implementation of standard and transmission based precautions throughout the facility also an added valve to prevent the spread.

Following CDC guidelines, reviewing literature, different Journals/Publications helped to update ourselves and implement the evidence based practices to control the pandemic.  One of the achievements was to spread the knowledge and importance of Infection Prevention and Control to everyone and the whole world to start recognizing the importance of an Infection Preventionist.

I would like to Honor Dr. Motasem Abuelreish, Pediatric Infectious disease specialist, HOD Infection Prevention and Control Unit,  Al Qassimi Women and Children Hospital, Sharjah who is always motivating, guiding and uplifting the standard of Infection Prevention and Control.