Lalaine Maluluyon, CIC

Location: Saudi Arabia

Title: Infection Control Practitioner

Company/Organization: Security Forces Hospital

First Certified: December 2018

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, limiting the spread of infection is the greatest driven motto of our global community. As the new virus continuously challenge the healthcare system, adapting to the “new normal” would mean long-promising upside down of ideas and sleepless nights.

However, we are called to be Overcomer.

I started to focus on “what’s” of daily work and discoveries.

What I can do to my patient?

What I can contribute to my organization?

What I am supposed to do as Infection Control Nurse?

I realized, that I should be confident to share my knowledge in everything that i do. My certification helps me a lot to give correct information. Then I focus on the existing problem and the probability of harm that could happen if I will not plan and act immediately for its solution. Handling different issues with regards to resources allocation, changing COVID 19 guidelines and your doubts of bringing the virus to your family taught me to be the entrepreneur of my life by keeping my head above the water but not eaten by the waves.  Finally, adapting to all the issues that this pandemic brought, would mean, appreciating the small miracles. Your small victories of problem solving. Then you will see the good things in all the constant change instead of dwelling on the negatives.