Kathleen Lucente, MT, RN, CIC

Location: Millsboro, DE

Title: Infection Preventionist

Company/Organization: Retired-Volunteer

First Certified: January 1983

So I loved working as a IP, but in December 2018 after over 45 years in this wonderful field I retired and moved to different state to be closer to the beaches. Then along came COVID, I had just finished my orientation to become a volunteer at my local hospital. Then the world shut down. I was told that because of liability and risk of acquiring COVID I was not permitted to continue volunteering. I was devastated, here I am with all of this experience and knowledge and no one would let me help! Then something special happen, my previous employer MainLine Health System asked if I would consider coming back part time to help the IP team! I was grateful and thankful to be able to give them any assistance during this terrible time! I worked from home via my computer assisting with administrative task, keeping up with writing and update current policies and procedures. I also assisted with the mentoring of two new IPs assigned to the ambulatory side of infection prevention. These two IPs were responsible for setting COVID testing centers for the system. I also became a sounding board to bounce off ideas about managing ambulatory infection prevention concerns, PPE supply issues and reprocessing. I loved being useful again!!! After 6 months of working and a lull in COVID numbers I faded again back into retirement! I plan to head back to volunteering as soon as this opportunity present it’s self again! I am forever thankful for my IP experiences and for what this field had given me! This virus has made our world of infection prevention more resilient then ever!! Think about all we have accomplished in the last year at and half! I am proud to be a part of APIC and to be certified!