Julie Russell, BSN, RN, CIC

Location: Loysburg, PA

Title: Quality Director and Infection Prevention & Control Professional

Company/Organization: Conemaugh Nason Medical Center

First Certified: November 2019

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt more prepared because I had just obtained my CIC in November 2019. I had recently reviewed all the different aspects of Infection Control including how to respond to infectious disease disasters and work with emergency management (intra-facility, regional, state levels). My insight into Occupational Health was enlightened as well, as demonstrated by the early on coordination of limiting the spread efforts between myself and the Occupational Health Department. Early in the pandemic, during our daily meetings with our COVID-19 Steering Committee, we would discuss tactics to help reinforce universal masking and frequent hand hygiene. I believe, since I had recently reviewed the APIC Texts and completed the CIC Online Preparation course, I was considerably prepared going into the COVID-19 Pandemic.