Akef Mohammad Al Khattab

Location: Qatar

Title: Infection Prevention & Control Professional

Company/Organization: Ministry of Health

First Certified: Prospect 

When did I feel that I was stuck in corona, in fact, at the beginning of the pandemic, there was some disturbance. Is this disease real or fiction? Is it natural or factory? There was a lot of talk about the disease and the medical personnel was in the face, and everyone was asking you to tell them what is the truth? Indeed, in this case, I felt that I was stuck and did not have a sufficient answer about the disease.

The big challenge to limit the spread of the disease in my institution was the attempt to adhere to all preventive measures. All preventive equipment was provided, including masks, gloves, and hand hygiene materials, and a periodic examination was also made for everyone and a special hotel was provided for the staff in order to reduce the spread of the disease to the family and society.

The best thing about using guidelines to control covid is that they make the medical staff know how to deal with the disease and make there a light to be emulated in the treatment of patients.

Were you called upon to work in unexpected healthcare or community setting?

In fact, I was invited, but the institution in which I work was transformed from an institution that deals with pulmonary tuberculosis patients to an institution that deals with Covid-19 patients, so it was necessary for me to be in my institution and my work changed from a patient educator to a supervisor because there was a shortage of staff and they needed me in this site.

How did your certification prepare you to face the challenges of an emerging novel respiratory infection?

Unfortunately, I did not get the certificate yet, because I had started reading and wanted to take the exam, but unfortunately, I could not complete the reading and did not take the exam but what I read about it has a relationship with respiratory infection, wonderful, useful and up-to-date information that helped me a lot with this disease.

Is there anyone you would like to honor, why do you want to honor him or her?

Yes, there is a huge institution. I want to thank all those in charge of it and also thank nurses everywhere for their great role in facing the pandemic and responding to it. And I want to thank my family who supported me and stood with me, and especially my wife for enduring me during the pandemic and for her consistent support for me.