Indranath Roy, MD

Location: India

Title: Microbiologist

Company/Organization: Dept. of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal

First Certified: Prospect

I am by academic qualification, a Clinical Microbiologist but by passion I am Infection Preventionist. I shall be appearing for CIC in future. During this pandemic, I was given charge to perform External Quality Assurance for few TB laboratories at urban and rural areas  of West Bengal,India which are known to be TB prevalent zones. I visited and on spot evaluated and trained Laboratory technologists to perform Hand Hygiene, Spill Management and Segregation along with proper disposal of Bio Medical Wastes. I am very much proud of myself to build confidence that these simple things are very much important to us and have a great impact in preventing transmission of TB as well as other pathogens like SARSCoV-19. These minor things can have a great impact in our day to day life in future. I also learnt that not only knowledge, but attitude and practice can have an immense role for every Infection preventionist to spread to all categories of staff irrespective of their academic qualifications and positions.

Lastly, I would like to add one thing that I requested the Laboratory staff to teach at least 3/4 persons every month  in their health facilities to follow and practice hand hygiene and those persons would teach another 3/4 persons to follow the same. I don't know what actually will happen, but I am sure someone needs to start the things which are good for human beings, animals and the environment in which we belong.(It is not a full story rather beginning of a story)