Mohamed Ahmed Salama, CIC

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company/Organization: Al Hayat National Hospital

Title:IPC Manager

First Certified: December 2019

As a dentist for 14 years making a career shift was a big dream. CIC certified was a great dream to support me as an infection preventionist at the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak. I was lucky to get my new job as an ICP manager and it was a great challenge to deal with this emerging disease, experience with studying and great certification like CIC will help you to change not only hospital performance measurement and reducing health care associated infection but also in the community. Thanks a lot to my dear friends who support me more and for that group in Whatsapp “CIC Academy”. It is a nice group with great leaders who support you with daily questions and answers. For all who are interested to take the exam read APIC chapters, don’t stop dreaming, and try to count how many times you will wake up from a dream that you are in the exam hall. Finally my dream became real and I will help support anyone who needs help to be CIC certified.