Dalia Gameel Ahmed Shalata, CIC

Location:El-Gharbia, Egypt

Company/Organization: NCI Cairo

Title: Infection Control Consultant

First Certified: January 2020

Infection prevention is not just a career to me; it is a message that must be delivered not only to health care providers in their facilities, but also to the whole communities; hence, there is  nothing better to describe it as "it is everybody's business". It is a challenging job to stay updated with the latest recommendations and global concerns, to be committed to apply the best practice despite different obstacles including  limited resources and old culture, to achieve the best safety environment for the patient; however, definitely,  the outcomes worth it. Moreover, It is important to be certified to standardize your knowledge, to refine the skills you have earned through your years of experience, and ultimately, to be connected to a wider experts' network.