Recertification Examination

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  Recertification Exam

All recertification candidates are required to take the internet-based recertification examination. Candidates who fail the recertification examination will need to apply to recertify via the initial certification examination at a testing center, as outlined in the policy below. Recertification must be completed before the certification cycle ends.

  About the Recertification Exam

The recertification exam is a 150-mulitple choice question, internet-based examination designed to assess the knowledge of professionals in infection prevention and control and epidemiology. Recertification questions have been developed by CBIC specifically for the recertification examination. Like the initial certification exam, recertification questions are based on the most current CBIC practice analysis. The content outline is similar to the one used for the initial certification examination however, the scored domains and number of items in each domain area may vary slightly. The questions developed are held to the same standards as are used for the initial certification exam.

Unlike the initial certification exam that is completed at a three-hour appointment, time to complete the recertification examination is unlimited, provided it is submitted by December 31 of the year in which certification expires. Recertification candidates can log into and out of the exam site repeatedly, and are able to research the answers to questions prior to submitting their responses. The purpose of the recertification examination is to demonstrate continued knowledge mastery in the field of infection prevention and control.

  Applying for the Recertification Examination

Application for the recertification examination must be submitted before November 30 of the same calendar year the candidate is due for recertification. Candidates are encouraged to purchase their examination early in their recertification year.

The cost of the recertification examination is $410. Payment must be made by credit card, in U.S. dollars. The fee is non-refundable.

The deadline to purchase the recertification exam is November 30 of the year in which current certification expires. The recertification exam must be submitted by December 31 of the same year. There are no extensions to this deadline for any reason. Candidates should allow themselves ample time to complete the recertification exam, researching information as needed.

  Recertification Exam Schedule

Purchase Deadline: November 30
Completed Deadline: 11:59 pm Greenwich Mean Time / 6:59 pm EST on December 31

  Taking the Recertification Examination

Within 48 hours (business days) of receipt of an application for the recertification exam, the candidate will receive a confirmation email with specific instructions on how to access the examination. Candidates will be able to log in and out as many times as necessary, prior to completion deadline, to complete the examination. Responses provided during previous sessions will be saved; however, it is important to read all instructions prior to exiting each session.