Tahani Idris Hamid Idris

Location: Riyadh, Saudia Arabia

Company/Organization: Aster Sanad Hospital

Title: Clinical Microbiologist, CIC

First Certified: March 2021

1. Why did you choose a career in infection prevention and control?

As Clinical Microbiologist, I believe on prevent the infection before control it as well as it is my ambition to reduce the resistance of the microorganisms and to spread the knowledge of the preventive measures globally.

2. What advice would you give someone who is interested in an infection prevention and control career?

Infection Prevention & Control is talented professionals field and it is everyone responsibility, if you are a healthcare professional aiming to shift your career IPC will be the right choice for you..

3. What does being a CIC® mean to you?

To be certified in Infection Control and epidemiology -CIC® is a huge additional to my professionalism, my career and my attitude. 

4. What was the best studying method for you when preparing for the initial certification examination?

Mostly I was studying from APIC as a primary recourse and amazing discussion in WhatsApp -CIC Academy - with an expert collogues in the IPC field

5. What advice would you give someone pursuing certification?

IPC is everyone responsibility so be a professional in this trended field

6. How do you stay up-to-date on infection prevention and control practices?

IPC is unstoppable profession, to be up-to-date I am digging deep on all the references and resources of IPC as well a􀀗 following the scientific publishing groups which dedicated for the evidence based studies in IPC

7. Are you part of an APIC or IPAC Canada chapter? If so, would you recommend it to others?

As I am a member in APIC ,I am highly recommended to join them

8. How has the CIC® helped you grow professionally and in your career?

CIC not considered as career shifting for me as Microbiologist , a confidents and professionality were added to my career journey

9. Are there any CIC® stories that keep you up at night?

COVID-19 pandemic in 2019-2020 was the biggest challenging, that we faced specially Infection Preventionist, as a leader in my facility, big responsibilities were on my shoulder, I was fighting , supporting and being on the floors with each suspected or confirmed cases . psychosocial support for the healthcare providers was one of my duty . I appreciate the COVID-19 warriors- Healthcare Workers specially Infection Preventionist- the front lines during the pandemic. The positive side, I learned more about how to managed the outbreaks , the prompt response and the major role that IPs playing overall the world. Infection Preventionist you are a talented professionals.