Saad Khan, CIC

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company/Organization: Abeer Medical Group

Title: Infection Preventionist, Regional Manager IPC

First Certified: July 2021

Back in 2014, when I joined I realized the need for someone to take the responsibility to change the culture and promote patient safety. And I took charge, and ever since then, we could bring positive change in all aspects of patient care and infection prevention & control.

Being a CIC means a lot, it gives you different kinds of authority and confidence, which I feel I didn't have before achieving this.

My stance is very clear since I felt the need to have or be an infection preventionist because Infection prevention and control is the basic need for patient care no matter which department you belong to? What is the scope of your work? everyone has to learn the basics of infection prevention & control, advocate and ensure compliance. And for full-timers, patients care is in your hands, and after achieving CIC, your dynamics will change which will benefit the organization you work for and patients who trust you.