Mohammed Inayath Khan, Sr., Msc Medical Microbiology, CIC

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company/Organization: Yanbu National Hospital

Title: Director - Infection Prevention & Control

First Certified: 2021

1. Why did you choose a career in infection prevention and control?

To develop new skills and patietn safety at work

2. What advice would you give someone who is interested in an infection prevention and control career?

To finish the exam with CBIC - CIC certified

3. What does being a CIC® mean to you?

It will develop sound knowledge and skills in IC Practice

4. What was the best studying method for you when preparing for the initial certification examination?


5. What advice would you give someone pursuing certification?  

Work, Read APIC Chapters and stay up to date

6. How do you stay up-to-date on infection prevention and control practices?

By work and with APIC membership and by update IC practices.

7. Are you part of an APIC or IPAC Canada chapter? If so, would you recommend it to others?

Yes, like to

8. How has the CIC® helped you grow professionally and in your career?

ITs developed my knowledge 

9. Are there any CIC® stories that keep you up at night? 

CIC Academy group at Saudi Arabia