Isis Lamphier, MPH, CIC

Location: Tampa, FL

Company/Organization: H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

Title: Infection Preventionist

First Certified: May 2022

1.    Why did you choose a career in infection prevention and control?
I started pursuing a career in infection prevention and control during my time as an orientation leader in college, when I was learning and exploring various majors and career options for incoming students. I discovered the field of public health and became intrigued by its focus on infection control. I changed my major and completed both my bachelor's and master's degree with the goal of pursuing a career as an infection preventionist. I graduated in the midst of the pandemic and immediately entered the field of infection prevention and control due to the high demand and need for experts in the field. In these last few years, I have worked as an infection preventionist at the health department, a long-term care facility, and I am currently working at a comprehensive cancer center. I also am a writer and frequently contribute and write for publications centered on infection control such as, Infection Control Today®. I am passionate about contributing to the field and providing helpful resources to other infection preventionists.

2.    What advice would you give someone who is interested in an infection prevention and control career?
For anyone with an interest in infection prevention and control, I would suggest shadowing a local infection prevention team in your area to gain insight into their daily activities. Additionally, I would recommend staying current on the latest developments, guidelines, and events related to infection control.

3.    What does being a CIC® mean to you?
Being Certified in Infection Control (CIC®) depicts I am committed to preventing and controlling the spread of communicable diseases. I can serve as a valuable and instrumental resource in my organization and improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

4.    What was the best studying method for you when preparing for the initial certification examination?
While studying, I tried to focus on individual sections and worked diligently to understand all concepts before moving on to subsequent topics. In addition, I utilized supplementary resources like the APIC text, guidelines, and academic journals.

5.    What advice would you give someone pursuing certification?
For anyone pursuing certification, I would recommend giving yourself time to study and learn the various sections and disciplines that are covered. To expand on concepts, do not be afraid to seek out help from other departments such as nursing, the sterile processing department, etc. The concepts can become clearer and easier to understand when we observe their application in practice.

6. How do you stay up-to-date on infection prevention and control practices?
I stay-up-date on infection prevention and control practices by maintaining  a receptive mindset that is always ready to learn. I frequently participate in webinars and conferences and read books, articles, a