Gerlyn Jalea, CIC

Location: Dubai, UAE

Company/Organization: Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Title: Senior Infection Control Nurse

First Certified: November 2018

1. Why did you choose a career in infection prevention and control?
Caring for patients, families & colleagues is not only about bedside care. It also needs a touch of knowledge and
implementation of prevention and control of infection at all times.I can offer to others more than the everyday nursing tasks.

2. What advice would you give someone who is interested in an infection prevention and control career?
This is a career that needs dedication, patience, must be strong-willed and it is self-fulfilling.

3. What does being a CIC® mean to you?
Being more responsible in what I do. It means commitment to comply to best practices in prevention and control of infection. It is an obligation to do what is right at all times to the people whom I serve.

4. What was the best studying method for you when preparing for the initial certification examination?
Handling patients, taking care and managing actual cases. Attends preparatory course review and 2-hour reading everyday for 3 months before the exam day.

5. What advice would you give someone pursuing certification?
Be focused on your goal to pass. Have a dedicated time everyday for reading reference books and review materials. Peer review is also helpful.

6. How do you stay up-to-date on infection prevention and control practices?
Reading news and updates from CDC, WHO, APIC and other international agencies. Attends PCI conferences, courses, symposium and workshops. A member of the PCI Practitioner Chapter/Group in UAE.

7. Are you part of an APIC or IPAC Canada chapter? If so, would you recommend it to others?
I am an APIC member. Yes, I would strongly recommend it to others.

8. How has the CIC® helped you grow professionally and in your career?
It made me more responsible and committed as a PCI practitioner. It gave me confidence in dealing with issues
and and situations in the workplace. The title gave me fulfillment in the profession that I have chosen. I am a NURSE and it is made more meaningful.

9. Are there any CIC® stories that keep you up at night? This can be related to the examination or a specific patient
story that stands out. I would just always remember those individuals that go to the class a-day every week for 6 weeks that became
my friends. All were aiming to pass. A one I knew was not lucky on the 1st, on the 2nd but got it on the third. How strong-willed. It gives smiles knowing that WE (infection control practitioners) are gradually recognize. People start to realize we are important and beneficial in the organization where are right now.