CBIC Relationship Chart

The chart below illustrates the relationships that CBIC has with its certificants, Board of Directors, staff, testing agency and other stakeholders. Every spoke on the wheel is an integral part in helping CBIC achieve its strategic and operational goals.

CIC Candidates and Certificants - The mission of CBIC is to protect the public through the development, administration, and promotion of an accredited certification in infection prevention and control making our relationship with our candidates and certificants a key component to achieving this mission.

CBIC Executive Office Staff - CBIC staff consists of an Executive Director and Certification Coordinator with offices in Milwaukee, WI. The staff oversees the day-to-day operations for CBIC.

CBIC Board of Directors - CBIC is governed by a Board of Directors who is responsible for the certification process. The Board establishes policies that are procedurally implemented by the staff.

Member: APIC - CBIC was formed by APIC in 1980 and APIC remains the sole member of CBIC. APIC provides the education and implements competency measures for the CIC credential.

Partner Organization: IPAC/PCI Canada - IPAC/PCI provides education to Canadian candidates and certificants. CBIC has a Canadian representative on the Board of Directors at all times.

Partner Organization: IFIC - CBIC is a member of the International Federation of Infection Control Associations. IFIC is comprised of approximately 30 infection control associations worldwide.

Testing Agency - Prometric assists with test development by providing a psychometrician who works with the CBIC Test Committee to develop questions. Prometric is also responsible for delivery of the examination.

National Commission for Certifying Agencies - CBIC's CIC credential is accredited by the NCCA, who is responsible for setting standards for certifying bodies. In order to maintain accreditation, CBIC must demonstrate compliance with 25 NCCA standards every five years.

CBIC Relationship Chart

Last updated: April 23, 2015
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