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CBIC President's Message

Turning leaves, crisp evenings, school buses and the appearance of pumpkin everything are sure signs that seasons are changing. This time of year always makes me think about learning new information, tackling old problems with new perspective, and the opportunity for fresh starts. It seems fitting that the CBIC Board is taking on a research project that will help to provide new perspective on the value of certification during this season. I’m excited to announce that the Board has implemented a plan to sponsor a research project that will help us to help you in gaining support for certification.

While the number of CIC® certificants increases every year, less than half of eligible IPs are currently certified. Surveys, focus studies and group discussions have uncovered several barriers. Lack of financial support and unrecognized value of certification by healthcare administrators are often cited as reasons that keep IPs from becoming certified. This ground-breaking project is being undertaken to help tear down these barriers. This project will take place over the next several months and will help us to quantify the value of certification to you, your facility and your patient. This information will help to build a business case for certification in terms that can be used to garner support for more IPs to become certified. I expect that this information will help shift the dialogue over the years to one where CIC® certification is fully expected and supported.

Along with the unmistakable signs of autumn, it is also getting closer to the deadline for those CICs who have certifications expiring at the end of this year. If you’ve already purchased your recertification exam, hopefully you’re wrapping up the last few questions and allowing ample time for submission. If you’re due for recertification this year and have yet to get access to the exam, I urge you to put that on the top of your priority list. 

If you have yet to attain your CIC® certification, why not take advantage of this “back-to-school” season to create your own certification success plan? With a ton of helpful resources and tips available on and the support of your peers, now is the perfect time to take the plunge.

Happy Fall!

Lita Jo Henman, MPH, CIC
2017 CBIC President