About CBIC

The Certification Board of Infection Control & Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC®) is a voluntary autonomous multidisciplinary board that provides direction for and administers the certification process for professionals in infection control and applied epidemiology. CBIC is independent and separate from any other infection control-related organization or association.

Vision Statement

CBIC is the leading provider of professional certification for infection prevention and control. Certification by CBIC is the standard of excellence that Infection Prevention and Control professionals will seek in order to ensure quality care that the public expects, demands, and deserves.

CBIC is accredited by the National Commission on Certifying Agencies, a committee of the National Competency Assessment Organization. NCCA accredits personnel certifying agencies that meet or exceed their standards.

Certification is Commitment!

Mission Statement

The mission of CBIC is to protect the public through the development, administration, and promotion of an accredited certification in infection prevention and control. CBIC maintains and promotes professional certification of the highest quality through the accomplishment of key objectives.


NCCA's Mission

The NCCA helps to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public through the accreditation of a variety of certification programs/organizations that assess professional competency. The NCCA uses a peer review process to:

  • Establish accreditation standards;
  • Evaluate compliance with the standards;
  • Recognize organizations/programs which demonstrate compliance; and
  • Serve as a resource on quality certification.

NCCA's Vision

The NCCA will be an administratively independent resource recognized as the authority on accreditation standards for professional certification organizations/programs. Based on sound principles, NCCA standards will be optimal and comprehensive criteria for organizational process and performance. They will be broadly recognized, objective, and current benchmarks for certifying bodies to achieve and by which they operate.

Statement of Non Discrimination

CBIC offers examinations to all eligible persons regardless of age, gender, race, religion, national origin or disability.

Judicial Policy

CBIC has a process and procedure for filing grievances with the organization. Please click here for a full copy of the Judicial & Ethics policy.

APIC and Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada/PCI Canada)

The CIC® credential is recognized and endorsed by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (APIC) and the Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada/PCI Canada).

The APIC Board of Directors formed a committee in 1978 to establish goals and methods and in 1980, the Board approved education standards for certification. Later that year, the APIC Certification Association (APICCA) was formed. The following year, the APIC Certification Committee and APICCA worked together to develop an independent certification board, contract with a professional testing company, conduct the first job analysis of infection control practice, determine eligibility criteria and develop a recertification plan.

In 1982, APICCA changed its name to the Certification Board of Infection Control (CBIC). The organization is now called the Certification Board for Infection Control & Epidemiology (still CBIC) to reflect current practice, which encompasses applied epidemiology.

IPAC Canada/PCI Canada is a national, multidisciplinary professional association for those engaged in the prevention and control of infections. IPAC Canada/PCI Canada is committed to the wellness and safety of Canadians by promoting best practice in infection prevention and control through education, standards, advocacy and consumer awareness.

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