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You MUST successfully recertify prior to December 31st of your certification expiration year in order to maintain your CIC® status.

The deadline to order the SARE is December 1, 2015. Though you have until 11:59pm GMT/7:59pm EST on December 31st of your recertification year, CBIC strongly recommends submitting the SARE no later than December 30 to be sure that everything is submitted successfully in time.

If you apply to take the CBT* (computer-based test), your confirmation is computer generated and will indicate that you need to schedule and complete the exam within a 90 day eligibility period. However, this 90 day eligibility period does not apply to recertificants whose eligibility will expire before the 90 days is up! Plan ahead to schedule and take your exam by December 30, 2015 (test locations are closed on December 31, 2015) in order to maintain your certification.

To maintain the CIC® designation, the infection prevention and control professional must recertify within five calendar years of passing the examination. All currently certified infection prevention and control professionals are eligible for recertification during the year that their current certification is due to expire. Recertification can for currently certified (CIC®) professionals can be achieved either by computer-based certification examination or the Self-Achievement Recertification Examination (SARE).

Certified professionals who do not recertify before the current certification period expires will lose their CIC® designation as of December 31st of the last year of the current certification period, and are prohibited from using the CIC® designation. They must reapply for the computer-based certification examination and successfully pass this examination before they can use the CIC® designation again.

Changes in federal regulations, accrediting standards, healthcare products, and patient care practices occur frequently. CBIC performs a practice analysis every 4-5 years in order to capture the impact of these changes on the profession. In order to assess the competency of the certificant given these changes, five years was chosen as the certification renewal period.

There are two recertification options:

  1. Computer Based Test (CBT) examination OR
  2. Self-Achievement Recertification Examination (SARE).

Candidates who last certified by the CBT are eligible to recertify by the Self-Achievement Recertification Examination (SARE) or the CBT. For example, if you took the CBT in June 2010 for initial certification, in order to recertify you MUST either pass the CBT or the SARE in 2015.

You MUST successfully recertify prior to December 31st of your certification expiration year in order to maintain your CIC® status. If you do not successfully pass the recertification examination and continue to use the CIC® designation, you will be subject to sanctions. Please read the Sanctions for Inappropriate Use of the CIC® Designation for additional information.

Candidates who elect not to recertify or who do not successfully recertify are prohibited from using the CIC® designation.

*Changes regarding recertification procedure: Certificants recertifying in 2016 and beyond must recertify by taking the SARE. If you are recertifying in 2016 or beyond, please click here for more information.

Has your information changed since you last certified?
Certificants are responsible for recertification regardless of whether or not they have received notification of expiration from the CBIC Executive Office. If you have moved since you last applied for CIC® certification or recertification, it is imperative that you keep your information up to date with the CBIC office. You can update using My Profile. Keeping our database up-to-date allows us to notify you when your certification is due to expire and to send you CBIC news in our quarterly e-newsletter. Notifying the APIC office does NOT automatically notify the CBIC office.


To request more information about CBIC or the CIC® credential, or to provide feedback about this web-site, please email the CBIC Office at