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APIC Greater Kansas City Chapter

As a local chapter we have always promoted and encouraged becoming certified through CBIC. We do believe that CBIC is the standard of excellence that infection prevention and control professionals need in order to ensure quality care for the public, healthcare workers, patients, and families. In the past, our chapter has ordered APIC study guides and resources for members to check out and utilize for studying for CBIC. The need for increase studying led to a more robust CIC® test preparation group within our chapter.

The group began by hosting conference calls every other week focusing on those preparing for the CIC® exam. Each conference call had a different host that would send out questions to the group. The individuals in the group were to complete the questions they were assigned and also have rationale available. When the conference call time came up then, the questions were asked over the call and people had time to respond with their answers. The individual that was issued that exact question was then available to give the answer and the rationale. This led to great conversations about interpretation of the questions, why answers were wrong or right, and test taking strategies.

The group then expanded into in-person study groups that occurred weekly. The group mostly met at coffee shops after work for a few hours. The leader of the study group sent out which section of the APIC study guide would be featured that month. The individuals completed the answers on their own time and met to discuss the answers and rationale. This group was very prepared with laptops and tablets available to increase understanding of the questions. The resources that were most widely used were the APIC text, CDC website, AORN, The Joint Commission, and some helpful websites pertaining to statistics. Individuals created their own individual notes, note cards, graphs, charts, and helpful hints. These were shared among the individuals because there were different learning styles present.

The CIC® test preparation group then felt like the whole chapter needed to be involved, even those who were not currently preparing for the CIC® anytime soon. This encompassed presenting CIC® study questions from the APIC study guide at every monthly chapter meeting. This became a hit quickly! It helped the seasoned members assist with questions that the more novice members were having difficulty with. It also raised the awareness of good test taking strategies. Some examples were: learning to remove unneeded information from the questions, focusing on what was exactly being asked, always implementing what was taught by APIC and not what was being practiced at the current facilities, and just slowing down and reading thoroughly. The title “CIC® study group question” is now a standing agenda item at every monthly chapter meeting.

Our chapter believes that recognition is important. We recognize those who are newly certified by having an agenda item called “Celebrations.” We clap and acknowledge those that have achieved their CIC® status. Our chapter holds an educational conference every year in October. The last couple of years we have acknowledged those that are CIC® by having them stand and be applauded. They also have received an additional ribbon that proudly states “CIC®” that is placed on their name tag. We also have a drawing for participants of the conference to win the APIC study guide. The chapter also requested informational packets about CBIC and CIC® and had them placed in every participant’s folder. 

The Greater KC APIC Chapter is proud to be involved in social media. Not only for their current member, but to also get education out to the public. The chapter has a robust website, Facebook, and Twitter page. The way to engage members and other IPs about CBIC is through test questions that we post on the social media pages. Members can just casually read through questions that are posted and comment. At times this will open up a conversation regarding right and wrong answers. 

All in all, the Greater KC APIC chapter promotes the mission of CBIC by engaging their members at different levels. We appreciate and respect the promotion of an accredited certification in infection prevention and control. We would like to continue to promote professional certification of the highest quality that CBIC stands for. Click here or on the image below to visit the APIC Greater Kansas City website.