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Volume 8; Issue 1
August 2013

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CBIC President's Message

Craig H. Gilliam, BSMT, CIC
Craig Gilliam,

This summer has once more brought two great conferences that CBIC was honored to be a part of. The 2013 APIC conference was held in Fort Lauderdale, FL and offered a "CIC Reception" where CICs could mingle with their fellow certificants and members of the CBIC Board. It was an extra special event because members of the original cohort from 1983 also gathered and a group picture was taken. CBIC also had a booth in the exhibit hall and we are always so encouraged by the number of attendees who visit the booth with questions regarding certification. Blue CIC pigs made their appearance and were handed out to those who were saving their pennies for the exam!

The 2013 CHICA-Canada conference was held in picturesque Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada. The CBIC Board was recognized at the Opening Ceremonies, as we had our Board meeting prior to the conference. We also had great traffic at our booth and enjoyed talking to those who are CIC and those who had an interest. We’re looking forward to Halifax in 2014!

Many of us in infection prevention and control are “number geeks”. On the CBIC home page at the bottom of the page is current number of certified (updated monthly). The Certification Board and I are working to increase this number and my personal goal is to reach 6,000 by December 31st.

For those who have completed certification already in 2013, I want to personally thank you. I believe this is recognition of the importance you attach to certification and professionalism. For those working on or thinking about certification, we have two presentations by board members for your assistance in preparation. We have a YouTube webinar (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lmd3HnDZnBg&feature=youtu.be) and in October, Drs. Kathy Suh and Ruth Carrico will have a one hour session – Getting Started and Working Toward Success. Your efforts are an example for others to follow in making patients safer in all healthcare settings.

Year to date, I am encouraged that recertification numbers are 31% greater than same period in 2012. For 1st time applicants, the number is 8% greater than same period in 2012.

Craig Gilliam, BSMT, CIC

Craig H. Gilliam, BSMT, CIC
2013 CBIC President

Certification Board of Infection Control & Epidemiology, Inc. Celebrates 30 Years of CIC®

CBIC Celebrates 30 Years of CIC

At the CIC reception at the 2013 APIC Conference in Fort Lauderdale, CBIC’s President Craig Gilliam, BSMT, CIC gave a warm welcome to those in attendance, along with a special acknowledgement to those who were in the original test cohort in 1983. Below are those that were in attendance.

A Look Back at the CIC Certificants of 1983.

2013 APIC Annual Conference

CBIC staff and Board members were honored to have a presence at the 2013 APIC Annual Conference. We handed out many CIC and Future CIC ribbons, delighted the future CICs with blue piggy banks to save up for the exam, and answered a lot of questions regarding certification. Those who were newly certified or re-certified (from May 1, 2012-May 1, 2013) were recognized on posters at the booth.

Members of the original cohort at the CIC reception

Visitors to the CBIC booth

Visitors to the CBIC booth

Visitors to the CBIC booth

Current CBIC Board Members-Treasurer Gail Harris, RN,MS,MA,CIC, President Craig Gilliam, BSMT, CIC, Test Committee Co-Chair Ruth Carrico, PhD, RN, CIC, and Past President Barbara Russell, RN, BSHA, MPH, CIC.

2013 CHICA-Canada Annual Conference

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC) had the honor of facilitating a Board meeting at the CHICA-Canada National Education Conference in June in Ottawa.

CBIC was honored to be in the company of other international representatives from CHICA-Canada, APIC, and IFIC.

CBIC President Craig Gilliam, BSMT, CIC made some remarks at the CHICA-Canada Opening Ceremonies.

CHICA-Canada President Bruce Gamage, RN, BSN, CIC presented CBIC with a congratulatory plaque celebrating 30 years of the CIC credential.

Certification Corner Survey

In March we  surveyed CICs asking for feedback on our E-newsletter, The Certification Corner. In an effort to provide the most current and relevant information to our CIC certificants, we have documented your comments and the actions we have taken to address them on our website. You may see the results here.

We again thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and offer specific comments regarding the newsletter. We value your feedback.

IFIC Report

Terrie B. Lee, RN, MS, MPH, CIC
IFIC Board

Greetings from the International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC )!  As a member of the IFIC Board, I am the liaison to infection prevention societies in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and Japan.  The IFIC Board currently has representatives from infection prevention societies around the globe, including: The UK, Canada, Norway, Germany, Hungary, USA, Denmark, Egypt, Argentina, Nigeria, and Hong Kong. The mission of IFIC is to facilitate international networking in order to improve the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections worldwide. CBIC, APIC, and CHICA-Canada are all societies with membership in IFIC.

IFIC has been busy preparing for its annual Congress, being held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2-4 October 2013.  The conference is an opportunity to network with and learn about infection prevention and control issues from the international community. We are expecting a great attendance, especially from South American countries. Next year, this annual event will occur in Malta, 12-15 March 2014. We hope to see many of you there!

IFIC offers scholarships to attend the IFIC Congress, so that those in countries with limited resources can have an opportunity for financial assistance. The process involves submission of an abstract, and the top abstracts are awarded some amount of scholarship for the purpose of attending the Congress.

IFIC recently established a Mentor Exchange scholarship program, for the purpose of linking a centre of expertise with an individual or group from a lower resource area that needs expert assistance. The idea is that someone would either visit a centre of expertise, or experts would visit a lower-resource centre in need of expertise, in order to give hands-on experience, and provide face-to-face opportunities for sharing information. Those awarded such a scholarship would be expected to share information with their colleagues in their home setting, and also to publish an account of the experience in the International Journal of Infection Control (IJIC). Applications for the Mentor Exchange Scholarship program are now being accepted, with a deadline of 31 December, 2013. Details and application forms are available on the IFIC website.

IJIC is the journal of IFIC, and is available online. The official language of IFIC (and IJIC) is English. Details for journal submissions are available on the IJIC website, as are past issues.

An e-newsletter is published and sent to society and associate members. This newsletter keeps members updated with IFIC activities; past issues are also available on the IFIC website.

A widely used educational resource is the second edition of Basic Concepts of Infection Control. This is made available free to those who are in need of the education. Edited by Candace Friedman and William Newsom, this resource has authors from many countries; it has been translated into French, Hungarian, Italian, and Spanish. There are also PowerPoint slide sets being developed for each chapter of Basic Concepts, so that they can be used by those providing education to their colleagues.

Please see the IFIC website (http://www.theific.org), for more information about these topics, as well as to keep up to date with our future activities.

If you have any questions about IFIC, please contact me at tleewv@msn.com.

Terrie B. Lee, RN, MS, MPH, CIC
IFIC Board

Celebration of Certified Infection Preventionist/Infection Prevention and Control Professional Day on October 22, 2013 during International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW)

CBIC is pleased to announce Certified Infection Preventionist (IP)/Infection Prevention and Control Professionals (ICP) Day taking place on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 during International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW) in recognition of professionals Certified in Infection Control (CIC®).

To celebrate Certified IP/ICP Day, we will have several opportunities through which we plan to recognize our certificants. We will post an "honor roll" of all of our CICs on the CBIC website.

This year, CBIC is celebrating 30 years of the CIC®. We are honored to be able to help spread the word about certification through important milestones such as IIPW and Certified ICP Day.

Finally, to thank you for your commitment to certification, CBIC is offering the opportunity for you to win a $150 Amazon.com gift card. The winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the website during the week of October 28.

Stay tuned for instructions on how to submit your information. CBIC celebrates your commitment to certification and we're proud to have the opportunity to recognize your achievement during Certified Infection Preventionist/Infection Prevention and Control Professionals Day.

Please don't forget to visit the APIC (www.apic.org) and CHICA-Canada (www.chica.org) websites for additional information on International Infection Prevention Week, October 20-26, 2013.

Spotlight on a CIC: Loie Ruhl, RN, BS, CIC

Loie Ruhl, RN, BS, CIC was spotlighted on the HealthCare Design website in an article regarding infection prevention. You can find the entire article here:  http://www.healthcaredesignmagazine.com/article/2013-ashe-annual-infection-prevention-protect-vulnerable-patient-populations.

Loie took her current position in Infection Prevention 10 years ago.  She had been displaced at the hospital and going into the initial interview, did not know what infection prevention was.  After the first interview, she found the position to be extremely interesting and really wanted to get into the field.  Because her organization always placed value on credentialing, it was always an expectation of the position that Loie become CIC certified. With her experience presenting at the national level, the certification certainly adds credibility to her words.

NEW for 2013-CBICs first webinar: "How to Prepare for the CIC Exam"

CBIC Board members B. Joann Andrews, RN, DNP, CIC-Senior Infection Preventionist, Barbara Russell, RN, BSHA, MPH, CIC-Director of Infection Prevention and Control and Lita Jo Henman, MPH, CIC-Infection Prevention Program Supervisor discuss ways on preparing to take the CIC exam in CBIC’s first webinar, found here.

**CIC Exam Study Tip**

Take enough time to study- Taking the CIC exam can be intimidating. The best advice I can give is to dedicate enough time to study. I studied daily for 3 months before using the questions in the review book as a guide. I then did more research on the questions so I totally understood the concept. I used the APIC text, online review and review book. Please review the question types in the review book. Knowing how to take the test plays a very big part. Go to the test confident and prepared. Finally take some time before the test to de-stress and relax. The worst thing to do is go to the test anxious and worried.

- Written by 2013 CBIC Board member

Call for Chapter Stories

We are interested in hearing about what is going on in your organization or local APIC or CHICA-Canada Chapter regarding infection control practice. Please email info@cbic.org with your stories.

Re-Certification Reminder

To maintain certification, the Infection Preventionist must recertify within five calendar years of passing the examination. All currently certified Infection Preventionists are eligible for recertification. If you have not already taken the following steps, please review the following options for recertification:

  1. Take and pass the proctored computer-based (CBT) examination
    The proctored Computer-Based Test (CBT)  can be taken at over 150 Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) Assessment Centers Monday through Friday at either 9:00 am or 1:30 pm.
    • The online application can be found on the CBIC (www.cbic.org) website here.
    • You can also download the paper application as well as the candidate handbook at www.cbic.org for all the information on administrative policies.
    • International certificants can also recertify via the computerized examination. For a list of domestic and international assessment center locations, please visit the AMP website at www.goAMP.com.
    • If you wish to recertify via CBT, you must have your examination appointment scheduled on or before December 30, 2013 (assessment centers are closed on December 31).
  2. Take and pass the Self-Achievement Recertification Examination (SARE)
    The SARE is offered online in web-based format. You can schedule testing on your own home computer and on your own schedule. The test can be ordered at any time between now and December 1, 2013. A passing score must be achieved, and your SARE must be completed by December 31, 2013. You must have an email address to receive the confirmation e-mail with specific instructions on how to logon to the SARE. The e-mail will include a unique ID and password that must be used during the login process. Certificants are able to login and out as many times as necessary, within the established testing window, to complete the examination; responses/answers during the previous logins will be saved. Candidate results are provided following completion of the test and will also be sent to the candidate's e-mail address.

Certified professionals who do not recertify before their current certification period expires will lose their CIC designation as of December 31st of the last year of the current certification period, and are prohibited from using the CIC designation. They must reapply for the CBT and successfully pass the CBT before they can use the CIC designation again. If you need further information regarding the CBIC Examination process, please visit the CBIC® website at www.cbic.org and download the current CBIC Candidate Handbook.

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