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Volume 5; Issue 3
July 2012

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CBIC President's Message

Barbara Russell, RN, BSHA, MPH, CIC

I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable summer even though we have had some record high temperatures and severe weather across much of the US! Summer also marks a busy time for CBIC as we play active roles in the annual conferences of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) and the Community and Hospital Infection Control Association (CHICA) – Canada.

The APIC conference was held in San Antonio, TX and for the first time CBIC and APIC offered CICs a "VIP Lounge" during the Welcome reception where CICs could mingle with their fellow certificants and members of the CBIC Board. We had a lot of positive feedback about the Reception and we hope to be able to offer something similar in the years to come. I am extremely pleased to announce that my friend and fellow CBIC Board member, Ruth Carrico, RN PhD, CIC, was awarded the prestigious Carole DeMille Award at this year's APIC Conference! Everyone on the CBIC Board is very proud of Ruth. Of course, CBIC also had a booth in the exhibit hall and we are always so encouraged by the number of attendees who visit the booth with questions regarding certification. We can see the interest is growing and we hope that more IPs will become certified to help CBIC fulfill its mission to protect the public.

The CHICA-Canada conference was held in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I was impressed by the number of international delegates at the conference and I was also impressed by the local recording artists who entertained us during the Opening Ceremonies and lead us in the singing of "O Canada". Interacting with our Canadian CIC candidates is very important as we get to hear a different perspective when given feedback and asked questions by the ICPs. We had great traffic at our booth and we also had a nice intimate gathering for coffee and dessert at the CIC Reception. We’re looking forward to Ottawa in 2013!

All of CBIC's committees work hard throughout the year, but I would like to recognize and thank our Marketing Committee, led by committee chair Kathy McGhie, for organizing all of our events and activities at both the APIC and CHICA conferences!

We are also grateful to APIC for their support of certification by publishing the IP Competency Model in the Summer 2012 issue of the Prevention Strategist. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend picking one up. There is a terrific article entitled "Moving the Profession Forward" which describes IPs at their different career levels and where certification fits into the model.

Watch for announcements from CBIC over the coming months as we prepare for International Infection Prevention Week in October and as we prepare to open the Call for Applications for the Test Committee.

Thank you for your commitment to Infection Prevention and Control!

Barbara S. Russell, RN, BSHA, MPH, CIC

Barbara S. Russell, RN, BSHA, MPH, CIC
2012 CBIC President

Meet the CBIC Board of Directors–Terrie Lee

Terrie Lee, RN, MS, MPH, CIC, has worked in infection prevention and control since 1980. She is the Director of Clinical Epidemiology (Infection Prevention) and Employee Health for the Charleston Area Medical Center in Charleston, WV USA. She holds a BS in Nursing from Alderson-Broaddus collage, a MS in Management/ Health Care Administration from WV College of Graduate Studies, and a MPH from Ohio State University. Terrie is the Immediate Past President of the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC) and she has also served as the Test Committee Chair. She has also served on the Board of Directors of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) and as President in 1995. She has spoken for local organizations as well as international groups, specializing in surveillance, risk assessment, and management topics. Most recently, Terrie has been elected to the International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC) Board of Trustees for a four-year term beginning January 1, 2012. To read the press release on Terrie’s election, please click here.

We asked Terrie the following questions:

How did you become involved in infection prevention and control?
I was a clinical nurse working on the largest pediatrics unit in the State of West Virginia, at the Charleston Area Medical Center… and loved my job. One person who greatly influenced me was a nursing educator, Linda Laxson, and she became my mentor. Later, Linda took a job as the infection control nurse for the hospital. She had always inspired me to strive for clinical excellence, and she then began inspiring me to investigate a career in a new direction. She and her husband were relocating to Denver, CO, and I continued working as a pediatrics nurse. Two years later, I successfully obtained an infection control position at my hospital, and my career began moving in a new and exciting direction. Linda and I would meet again as we both served in various positions as volunteers in the national APIC organization. Incidentally, we recently served together on the Certification Board, and I was again influenced by my mentor, and thrilled that we got the opportunity to work together in the area of promoting the elevation of the infection prevention profession.

What motivated you to become certified?
When the first certification exam was offered in 1983, I was immediately motivated to meet the challenge of taking the test. I’m so grateful to the first certification experts who inspired some of us to demonstrate that we could meet the goal of certification, as we became the cohort of those first successful candidates.

What has being certified meant to you professionally?
Being certified had become a goal; I saw certification as how I could constantly push myself to be my personal best. It’s also how I can assure my employer that I’m always bringing my “A game” to everything I do. Certification is a requirement for my position, and for all the infection prevention positions in my organization. Before I became a member of CBIC, I helped to coach several members of our team through the certification process. After my term with CBIC started, others in our department carried on the coaching role, and our tradition of successful mentoring has continued.

2012 APIC Annual Conference

CBIC was honored to participate in the 2012 APIC Annual Conference educational session, The Ticket for Your Leadership Journey: APIC’s Credential of Competence session. Leaders from APIC, CBIC, and CHICA-Canada participated in an informal panel discussion and shared their thoughts on IP competency and certification. CBIC also hosted the CIC® VIP lounge at the welcome reception on Sunday night, where we had a chance to get to know our CICs while enjoying decadent desserts!

CBIC Board Member, Ruth Carrico, PhD, RN, FSHEA, CIC, received the prestigious Carole DeMille Achievement Award at the conference. We are very honored to have one of our Board members recognized for her extrodinary leadership in the area of infection prevention and control.

The exhibit booth was popular and many enjoyed the free notepads, pens and hand sanitizers. It was a great opportunity for both potential candidates and CICs to visit with their friends and colleagues to talk with Board members and staff. It also allows potential candidates to be able to talk to CBIC staff and Board members face-to-face about the CIC examination and receive their CIC and Future CIC ribbons.

Kathy McGhie, RN, BScN, CIC, talks with a "Future CIC" at the CBIC booth.

2012 Board Members Ruth Carrico, PhD, RN, CIC, Bonnie Norrick, CLS, EdM, CIC, Kathryn Suh, MD, FRCPC, CIC, Barbara Russell, RN, BSHA, MPH, CIC, Terrie Lee, RN, MS, MPH, CIC, Kathy McGhie, RN, BScN, CIC, Lillian Burns, MT, MPH, CIC, Gail Harris, RN, MS, MA, CIC, and Craig Gilliam, BSMT, CIC, stand in front of the VIP CIC® reception at the 2012 APIC Annual Meeting

The APIC Conference is always a wonderful opportunity for the CBIC leadership to connect with certificants and others interested in certification and we’re grateful to everyone who stopped by. We hope to see you in 2013 in Fort Lauderdale!

2012 CHICA-Canada Annual Conference

This year CBIC once again exhibited at the CHICA-Canada 2012 National Education Conference, June 16-21 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. CBIC President Barbara Russell, along with Board member Kathy McGhie, and Executive Director, Anne Krolikowski, were on hand to provide information to individuals interested in CIC certification. CBIC also had posters with the names of the Canadian CICs who either certified for the first time or re-certified in the last 12 months. As always, we welcome the opportunity to speak with current CICs and those interested in becoming certified and we particularly like to hear about the different challenges and successes our international CICs face. Congratulations to our Canadian CICs and thank you to CHICA-Canada for being such a gracious host, as always. We’ll see you next year in Ottawa!

Board member Kathy McGhie, RN, CIC (left) and Executive Director Anne Krolikowski, CAE (right) joined CBIC President Barbara Russell, RN, CIC (center) at the CBIC booth at the CHICA-Canada Conference and chatted with current certificants and candidates interested in becoming certified.

New for 2012-Online Eligibility Tool

Help your colleagues find out if they are eligible to take the CIC exam! We have created an interactive tool for our website based upon the 2012 eligibility requirements. The tool can be found here.

New for 2012-Profile of an Infection Control Professional

CBIC wanted to provide you and the public with a chance to see who is taking the CIC® exam so we posted a profile of the "typical" infection prevention and control professional based on responses from CBIC's 2009 Practice Analysis survey. You can find the profile here and the complete practice analysis summary on the CBIC website at http://www.cbic.org/pdfs/PA_Articles_from_AJIC_and_CJIC.pdf

New for 2012-CBIC on Facebook

CBIC is now on Facebook. Please be sure to stop by and “like” us! We will be posting up-to-date important news, events, and links.

Call for Podcast Stories

CBIC is interested in hearing your stories of how certification has elevated your career, or how being certified has helped you within our organization. Please email us at info@cbic.org to share your story. We will contact you for an official interview for upcoming podcast releases.

CBIC Executive Director, Anne Krolikowski Joins ICE Marketing and Membership Committee

Anne Krolikowski, CAE, Executive Director of CBIC, has been appointed to the Membership & Marketing Committee of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). ICE advances credentialing through education, standards, research, and advocacy to ensure competence across professions and occupations and CBIC, as an organization, is a member of ICE. When asked about her thoughts on serving on the Membership & Marketing Committee Ms. Krolikowski said, “I am excited to be able to serve certified professionals across all disciplines as a member of the Membership & Marketing Committee. As a Certified Association Executive, I understand the importance that certifying bodies play in their respective fields.” Ms. Krolikowski’s term is for one year from January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012.

Certification Corner Survey

In April’s E-newsletter we posted the results of the survey we conducted in which we asked you for feedback on our E-Newsletter, The Certification Corner. In an effort to provide the most current and relevant information to our CIC certificants, we have listed several of your comments as well as the actions we have taken to address each.  You may see the results here.

We again thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and offer specific comments regarding the newsletter.

Taking the Mystery Out of Cut Scores

Larry Fabrey, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Psychometrics, Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc.

Now that a revised detailed content outline for the CIC® examination has been developed, let’s look at the candidates’ performance on the examinations that were based on the previous outline, in effect from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2010. As a reminder, the purpose of the CIC® certification process is to protect the public by:

  1. Providing standardized measurement of current essential knowledge needed for persons practicing infection control.
  2. Encouraging individual growth and study, thereby promoting professionalism among infection control professionals.
  3. Formally recognizing infection control professionals who fulfill the requirements for certification.

To identify the infection prevention and control professionals who possess the appropriate level of knowledge to be formally recognized as a CIC®, a passing standard (i.e., cut score) must be established. The actual cut score for the examinations is based on the raw score (i.e., number of correct answers) achieved by the candidate, and the raw score required to pass is established through a criterion-related passing point study. Details of the passing point study can be found in CBIC’s Candidate Handbook but simply stated, the intent of the study is to determine the amount of knowledge that should be displayed to warrant issuance of the credential, by evaluating the difficulty of examination questions. Since question difficulty can vary among different versions of the examination, the cut score could vary slightly. For recent proctored computer-based tests (CBT) administered during this three year period, the cut score has been between 70 to 75 percent correct. That same cut score has been applied to anyone taking the CBT, whether as a first time candidate or someone taking the examination for recertification. During this same period of time, the passing point on the Self-Achievement Recertification Exam (SARE) has been between 75 to 80 percent correct.

Call for Applications for the CBIC Test Committee

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. will soon be accepting applications for non-Board members to fill two open positions on the Test Committee. This is a 2-year term beginning January 1, 2013 and ending December 31, 2014. Be sure to watch our website and your email inbox for an official announcement.

Re-Certification Reminder

To maintain certification, the Infection Preventionist must recertify within five calendar years of passing the examination. All currently certified Infection Preventionists are eligible for recertification. If you have not already taken the following steps, please review the following options for recertification:

  1. Take and pass the proctored computer-based (CBT) examination
    The proctored Computer-Based Test (CBT)  can be taken at over 150 Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) Assessment Centers Monday through Friday at either 9:00 am or 1:30 pm.
    • The online application can be found on the CBIC (www.cbic.org) website here.
    • You can also download the paper application as well as the candidate handbook at www.cbic.org for all the information on administrative policies.
    • International certificants can also recertify via the computerized examination. For a list of domestic and international assessment center locations, please visit the AMP website at www.goAMP.com.
    • If you wish to recertify via CBT, you must have your examination appointment scheduled on or before December 30, 2012 (assessment centers are closed on December 31).
  2. Take and pass the Self-Achievement Recertification Examination (SARE)
    The SARE is offered online in web-based format. You can schedule testing on your own home computer and on your own schedule. The test can be ordered at any time between now and December 1, 2012. A passing score must be achieved, and your SARE must be completed by December 31, 2012. You must have an email address to receive the confirmation e-mail with specific instructions on how to logon to the SARE. The e-mail will include a unique ID and password that must be used during the login process. Certificants are able to login and out as many times as necessary, within the established testing window, to complete the examination; responses/answers during the previous logins will be saved. Candidate results are provided following completion of the test and will also be sent to the candidate's e-mail address.

Certified professionals who do not recertify before their current certification period expires will lose their CIC designation as of December 31st of the last year of the current certification period, and are prohibited from using the CIC designation. They must reapply for the CBT and successfully pass the CBT before they can use the CIC designation again. If you need further information regarding the CBIC Examination process, please visit the CBIC® website at www.cbic.org and download the current CBIC Candidate Handbook.

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