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Volume 3; Issue 2
October 2010

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From the President

Fran Feltovich

Dear Certificants,

Welcome to the Fall Issue of our newsletter! Fall is traditionally a time to reflect on our progress for the year, determine the course of action to take for the remaining months, discuss our goals for the forthcoming year, and sometimes begin new educational endeavors.

In this issue of our newsletter, you will find several interesting articles related to each of these things. With a new Practice Analysis complete and the new computerized exam in place, we've provided some interesting statistics about the old form. Dr. Larry Fabrey, psychometrician with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP) (CBIC's testing company) describes the performance of first time certification candidates and certificants who were recertifying using computer-based exams that were recently retired in his article.

You might also be interested in learning more about CBIC's commitment to recertification via testing. Highlights from our Town Hall session on this subject at the 2010 APIC Annual Meeting are included in this issue. While at the APIC Annual Meeting, the CBIC Board of Directors was fortunate to meet with Linda Polo, President of Greater New Orleans APIC chapter to learn more about her chapter members' needs regarding certification. We discovered she had a very inspiring personal story. She was kind enough to share it and we hope you enjoy it. In fact, we'd like to add an area to the website where other CIC's can share their professional experiences in order to inspire others. Please send your stories to info@cbic.org for possible publication in a future newsletter or on the website.

Looking forward, please watch for CBIC's article on the results of the 2009 Practice Analysis Survey will soon be published in a forthcoming issue of American Journal of Infection Control.

Based on the Boards' reflections and goals for the future, we've made some important changes, so please be sure to read through all the announcements. Of particular importance is the decision to drop the 1-year extension if you fail your recertification exam. Kindly read all the details about this because it affects everyone eventually. If you have any questions about any of the information here, please write us at info@cbic.org.

Thank you for recognizing the value of certification!

Fran Feltovich

Fran Feltovich, MBA, RN CIC®, CPHQ
2010 CBIC President

Certifying the professional....Elevating the profession!

Are You Using the Correct Content Outline and References for the Exams?

If you are certifying or recertifying in 2010 via the Computer Based Test:
Use the new content outline & references. A link to both is on the homepage of the CBIC website.

If you are recertifying via SARE during 2010:
Use the current content outline & references in the Candidate Handbook posted on the CBIC website

If you are certifying or recertifying via CBT or SARE after January 1, 2011: Use the new content outline. Both will be placed in the Candidate Handbook.

Why are there different Content Outlines and References?

  1. The Computer Based Test (CBT) changed July 1, 2010
    The CBT taken at a testing facility for first time candidates and some recertifying candidates changed July 1, 2010. The new exam was based on a 2009 Practice Analysis. Based on that Practice Analysis, a new exam and thus a new content outline was developed. Updated references were used as well. If you are planning on taking this exam, please refer to the new content outline and references posted on our website. There is a link to it on the homepage. It is also available by contacting the CBIC office at (414) 918-9796 or writing to info@cbic.org.

  2. The SARE is changing on January 1, 2011
    Based on the same new Practice Analysis used for the new CBT mentioned above, The Self Achievement Recertification Exam (SARE) will be changing January 1, 2011. If you are taking the SARE before the end of 2010, please refer to the content outline and list of references in the Candidate Handbook posted on our website or available by contacting the CBIC office at (414) 918-9796 or writing to info@cbic.org. After January 1, 2011, refer to the new content outline and references (see above paragraph).

Certification Candidates Performance on Exams

Now that a revised detailed content outline for the CIC® examination has been developed, let's look at the candidates' performance on the examinations that were based on the previous outline which was in effect from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2010. Click here to read an article written by Larry Fabrey, Ph.D, Senior Vice President, Psychometrics, Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc (AMP). AMP is CBIC's testing company.

Examination Performance Update
During the period from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010, a total of 630 candidates completed the CIC® examination as a first-time candidate, and 384 passed, earning the distinction of status as a CIC®. Congratulations to our new certificants!

One-Year Extensions Eliminated

If you are due to recertify this year (2010) and fail the exam, you will not be granted a 1-year extension to re-test. This is a new rule the Board has put into effect and is based on best practices in the certification industry. You must pass the exam in your certifying year or you will lose your CIC® designation on December 31st of that year. Read more here.

*New*New* One-Time Waiver For 90-Day Waiting Period *New*New*
The 90-day waiting period has been waived for those seeking recertification only. This offer is only good through the end of 2010. If you fail the CBT, you may take it again before the end of the year. However, if you fail a second time, you will need to wait the 90 days before attempting the exam again. Read full rules and directions here.

Clarification about Practice Requirements for Candidates Taking the Exams:

The CIC® designation for first time test takers is intended for those functioning in an infection prevention and control position. To further emphasize this point, the following has been added to the practice requirements for eligibility to initially sit for the exam. This is effective immediately:

Definition of Infection Prevention and Control Practice
In order to qualify to sit for the exam, you must:

  1. Have primary responsibility for the infection prevention and control program for your employing organization.
  2. or

  3. The department in which you work is assigned the responsibility for the infection prevention and control program within the organization.

The rest of the practice requirements remain the same. Please see the updated Candidate Handbook now available on the website at www.cbic.org

Did you know?

There's a PowerPoint presentation available on the CBIC website you can use to educate yourself or others about how and why to become certified? Click on the link in the first sentence to download the slides.

There's a directory of all certified infection preventionists on the CBIC website. You, your employer, or anyone can find CIC®'s in this directory. CBIC receives exam results on or about the first of every month for those candidates who sat for the exam the previous month. Names of candidates who certified or recertified successfully are added. Only the candidate's name, state, and date the certification is valid is posted. If you would like to release more information to an employer, prospective employer, government or other agency you'll need to contact CBIC to grant this permission in writing.

There's a speedy new way to find many forms and applications on the CBIC website. Click on the Helpful Forms tab on the homepage!

See APIC's website for all the exciting events planned here.

Report from the 2010 APIC Annual Meeting July 11-15 in New Orleans, LA

By Fran M. Feltovich, 2010 CBIC President

For those of you who were unable to attend the "CBIC Town Hall Session: An Evidence-based Approach to Assessing the Competence of Infection Preventionists" during the APIC Annual Meeting in New Orleans, a summary of the session is posted on the CBIC website. Approximately, 200 people attended the session in which they heard Dr. James P. Henderson, Executive Vice President, Castle Worldwide, Inc. and Terrie Lee, CBIC's President-Elect address the importance of certification, maintaining certification through a rigorous renewal process, such as re-testing, and the development and maintenance of CBIC's examinations. Click here for the full article.

Please watch for Fran's article in the Fall issue of APIC's Prevention Strategist for more commentary on continuing education vs. re-testing to maintain certification and comments on providing the answers to missed SARE questions.

Plenty of Action at the CBIC Booth at the APIC Convention

By Jacqueline P. Butler, CIC®
Chair, CBIC Marketing Committee 2010

CBIC's booth was powerful. Shown here are
Board member Craig Gilliam (forefront) and Jacqueline Butler (background) along with staff member Susan Geiger talking with
With coordination by Board member and Marketing Committee Chair, Jacqueline Butler, all the Board members spent time greeting visitors at the booth. Pictured here (left to right) are Glenda Schuh, Fran Feltovich, and Terrie Lee.

This year CBIC recognized professionals who became newly certified or recertified in Infection Control and Epidemiology over the past 12 months. Their names were listed on huge posters displayed at the booth. Pictures and congratulations were offered by CBIC Board Members to those who stopped by the booth. APIC attendees who stopped by the booth offered great opportunities for discussion with the CBIC Board Members about certification and the certification process. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth this year – CBIC Board Members enjoy and value your time and interactions.

How my CIC® Helped During Hurricane Katrina

Linda Polo, President of the Greater New Orleans APIC Chapter

Hi, I am Linda Polo and have been working in Infection Prevention since 1981. I worked at Chalmette Medical Center in Chalmette, LA for 25 years. When the certification exam became available, I opted not to take it. I was well respected in my hospital and thought that I really did not need the extra initials behind my name to show people how qualified I was.

During one of our Joint Commission Surveys, an inspector asked to see my education file. I had the largest file of all of the hospital personnel at CMC. I always stayed on top of things and kept myself well educated in the field of infection prevention. The surveyor was impressed with my file but she said she had no way of knowing how competent I was. She wrote a note in her report that the next time we were surveyed that I would be certified.

I studied for and took the exam and passed. I never really thought anything about my certification until Hurricane Katrina. My hospital was destroyed and later leveled to the ground. On the Thursday after the storm I was in Lake Charles, LA staying with my mother and father when I heard that there was an urgent need for medical professionals in St. Tammany Parish. My husband and I packed up, bought generators, food, water, chain saws and gas and headed back to see what was left of our house and to help out.

Read the full article here.

Have you got a story to share with others about the value of your certification? Send it to info@cbic.org for possible publication in a future issue of the newsletter or to be posted on the CBIC website!

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