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Volume 3; Issue 1
June/July 2010

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From the President

Fran Feltovich

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to serve as your President and to work with such a talented group of volunteers and staff. We have listened carefully and worked diligently since our last newsletter. Please read on to learn about the exciting updates and changes we've made. The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology is committed to our mission.

Thank you for sharing it with us to help ensure public health.


Fran Feltovich

Computerized Exam Changes July 1, 2010
SARE changes January 1, 2011

The certification exam is based on periodic Practice Analyses to identify the role of an Infection Preventionist. Based on the analysis done in 2009, the content of the exam will change. The Computer Based Test (CBT) will change July 1, 2010. The web-based Self Achievement Recertification Exam (SARE) will change January 1, 2011. To help you study for both, the content outline and references have been updated. Click here to see the current content outline and references. Click here to read more about the Practice Analysis and to see the updated Content Outline.

Click here to see the updated References.

CBIC Test Committee: Membership Change Effective January 2011

The CBIC Test Committee serves as content experts for the CBIC certification exams. The Committee is a CBIC Board Committee and is responsible for directing and coordinating with CBIC's Testing Company, all activities related to the development and maintenance of the proctored computer based certification examination and the Self-Achievement Recertification Examination. Beginning January 2011, the membership of the Committee will expand to include non Board members. To be considered for the Test Committee, non-Board members must be Certified in infection prevention and control (CIC®) and be willing to assume committee responsibilities for two years. The Test Committee meets at least two times per year for two days for test development and item bank (test questions) performance analysis and development. Additional meetings may be scheduled as determined by the Committee Chair. The majority of Committee work is conducted outside of formal meetings. Interested individuals should come to the CBIC Booth at the APIC Annual conference to discuss their interest in serving on the Test Committee or send a message to Info@cbic.org.

CBIC Presents a Town Hall Session at This Year's APIC Meeting

On Wednesday, July 14, 2010 from 9:15am - 10:15am, the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc (CBIC) will present the "CBIC Town Hall Session: An Evidence-based Approach to Assessing the Competence of Infection Preventionists." This session will highlight the National Organization for Competency Assurance's (NOCA) benchmarking study, Practices and Requirements of Renewal Programs in Professional Licensure and Certification as presented by the lead author of the study, Dr. James Henderson. This study is crucial to the credentialing industry as the public and stakeholders rely on certifying organizations to ensure that healthcare certificants participate in on-going programs of recertification. "Demonstrating appropriate rigor in renewal requirements enables certificants to show that they have met continued competence in their profession and allows the public and employers to have confidence in their skills."

Also presenting will be Terrie Lee, CBIC's President-Elect and Chairperson of the CBIC Test Committee. Terrie will describe the rigorous process that the CBIC Test Committee follows to ensure a legally defensible certification examination program. During this "Town Hall" Session, CBIC has planned sufficient time to allow participants to pose questions and seek clarification about the certification/recertification process. Please join us at this very important session.

For more information about the APIC meeting, click here.

Visit the CBIC Booth at the APIC Meeting

For those of you attending the meeting, be sure to stop by the CBIC booth #1912 in the Convention Hall. If you have certified or re-certified between April 1, 2009 and June 15, 2010, your name will be displayed on large posters. This is a great picture opportunity, so bring your camera. We'll have some fun giveaways, CIC pin order forms, and for those studying for the exam, we'll have copies of the content outline and references. Board members and staff will be there to talk with you.

CBIC was at the CHICA-Canada Conference in Vancouver, BC

During the CHICA-Canada Conference in Vancouver, BC this spring, the professionals who became certified or who recertified during the past year were recognized at the CBIC booth. Congratulations were extended to those who stopped at the booth by Fran Feltovich, CBIC President, and Glenda Schuh, CBIC board member.

Feng (Linda) Shi, CIC® and CBIC President Fran Feltovich, MBA, RN, CIC® point out a poster bearing the names of the selected newly certified and recertified CICs at the CBIC booth.

Carol Grant, CIC® and Vi Burton pose at the CBIC booth.

The CHICA meeting attracted 500 attendees and 80 companies/not-for-profit associations exhibiting with another 200 exhibitor reps.

The keynote speaker was Marnie McBean, Canadian Four-time Olympic athlete (with 4 gold medals and 1 bronze). She spoke on team building and mentorship. Yvonne Camus was Closing Speaker. Her team competed in the Eco-Challenge created by Mark Burnett of the "Survivor" reality show. She spoke on overcoming challenges.

The first Interactive Lunch was held during Novice/Advanced Practitioner Day. This was an opportunity for new ICPs or first time attendees to meet with CHICA's Leadership Team in an informal luncheon setting. It was very successful and will be continued at future conferences.

Two of CHICA's most prestigious awards were presented. Dr. Dick Zoutman was inducted into Honourary Membership; Dr. Mary Vearncombe was announced as the first Champion of Infection Prevention and Control.

200 attendees enjoyed a sightseeing tour of Vancouver.
200 attendees took part in a 50s/60s sock hop - a trip down memory lane for some; a history lesson for others!
80 attendees enjoyed a beautiful Post Conference Sunset Dinner Cruise.

Plan now to attend the
2011 CHICA National Education Conference
Toronto,ON • May 28 - June 2
Click here for more information.

IFIC Conference held in Lithuania

The International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC) facilitates worldwide networking of individuals and societies active in infection prevention and control by fostering communication, providing essential tools and educational materials as well as helping in the development of infection control organizations where needed.

Currently IFIC has a total membership of 81 infection control societies representing 63 countries. APIC, SHEA, CHICA and CBIC are member societies.

Associate membership was created in 2009. Associate members are defined as individuals professionally involved or interested in Infection Prevention and Control as well as non-commercial organizations which do not fulfill the criteria of full members. Currently IFIC has a total 255 associate members in 51 countries.

The 10th IFIC Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania was a great success! There were 476 attendees from 46 countries. IFIC awarded 12 scholarships for this conference.

At this year's IFIC conference, the results of CBIC's most recent Practice Analysis were presented via poster. CBIC President Fran Feltovich was the chairperson for the analysis project. Board members Glenda Schuh and Paul Field worked on the poster. The Poster was on display at this year's CHICA conference and will be at the CBIC booth at the APIC meeting in July.

"Patricia Lynch, Redmond, WA (greater Seattle area) was the first APIC President and she was a key player in the organization of IFIC. She was my mentor, when I started doing Infection Prevention work in 1985. When I heard that she was the IFIC Chair and would be presiding over the IFIC Croatia Congress in 2004, I went to support her. It was such a wonderful experience that I have attended every conference since and supported the organization in a variety of ways."

Glenda Schuh, RN, BSN, CIC
CBIC Board Member

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