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What are Others Doing to Support Certification?

There are many groups out there (including, but not limited to, APIC and IPAC Canada chapters and state funded programs) that offer resources to assist Infection Prevention and Control Professionals in preparing for certification. If you are looking to start a group, or if you already run a group or class that supports or helps prepare Infection Prevention and Control Professionals for certification, we have compiled a list of activities that other chapters and groups have found to be successful.

Formal meetings

If you have regularly scheduled meetings, there are a number of ways that you can support and promote certification at each meeting.

Exam Practice Questions

Some APIC and IPAC Chapters use practice questions from the CBIC Facebook page and the APIC text to help candidates practice the different knowledge sets required to answer the questions on the exam. If you are using the questions posted on the Facebook page, just keep in mind that they are retired questions. They may have been retired for a number of reasons. Other textbooks and study guides have not been written by CBIC and may not reflect the actual questions on the exam. Asking your group or class to answer a question or a handful of questions each meeting, and then going through the reasoning behind the answer, can help people prepare for the exam. The content outline for the initial certification examination can be found here.

Distribute brochures and other resources

CBIC has created brochures, presentations, and other resources available on the website and by request. If you would like some of the CBIC brochures, we would be happy to mail some to you, just email stating how many brochures you would like and where they should be mailed to. If you would like to access a pre-written presentation to present on certification click here. You can find other resources throughout this Facilitator CIC® Resource Toolkit.


Some groups have a Pinning Ceremony and order CIC® pins to give their recent certificants. CBIC also sells mugs, business card holders, and padfolios, which make great gifts for new CICs. You can find the online order form for these here. If you do not have the budget to order giveaways, you can always recognize your recent certificants and help promote certification on social media, your website, and in an e-newsletter or other email announcements. If you need assistance writing communications for your online presence, you can take a look at recent CBIC e-newsletters here, or email for more ideas.

Study groups (in person and virtual)

If you want to start smaller study groups, you can do so in-person or online. These groups can be self-led by the whole group studying for the exam, or can be facilitated by an instructor, going over all eight of the different core competencies. CBIC has created a how-to guide for setting up an online study group, and that can be accessed here.

Other suggestions


Many novice Infection Prevention and Control Professionals can benefit from the mentorship of an experienced CIC®. Someone who has already certified has proven competence in the field of infection prevention and control and has already gone through the studying and examination process. They can help candidates as they have questions on best practices, answering study questions, considering when to apply, and more! If you are looking to start a mentorship program, you can view our mentorship program information and documents here for more ideas. Please note: at this time the CBIC Mentorship Program is only for people who are already CIC® certified.

Spread the word!

Some chapters share member’s certification with the person’s hospital or community. This can be done by sending a congratulatory letter to the recent certificant’s workplace explaining the hard work that goes into certification, the importance of the CIC® credential, and the importance of continuing education through a program such as yours. You can also email to request a sample press release to announce certification.

In addition to this, you can create a bulletin or publish a list of CICs in your state, hospital, organization, chapter, etc. One APIC chapter is even working with their state hospital association to do this! You can verify certification on the CBIC website here.

Create a library

CBIC provides a list of primary and secondary resources used to write the exam. If you have a library with some or all of these resources, future CICs can check them out or use them in study groups to help prepare for certification. They are also great to have on hand for general infection prevention and control resources.

CBIC loves to hear what you are doing to support certification. You can find more stories about what APIC and IPAC Canada Chapters are doing here. If you would like your chapter to be featured, please email us at