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Funding Resources for the CIC Exam

Some employers do not cover the cost of the initial certification examination. Therefore, we found some other ways that you may be able to find funding to support your certification. Please note: CBIC is not in charge of or affiliated with any of the programs listed below. If you have questions, you must contact them directly.

United States Funding Opportunities

CAA program (APIC)

Each year APIC opens applications for their Competency Advancement Assistance (CAA) Program. This program provides financial assistance for certification in infection prevention and control (CIC®) preparatory resources (which are NOT created by CBIC) and reimbursement for exam fees (both the initial certification examination and the recertification examinations are eligible). For more information, click here.

State HAI Programs

Some local state HAI programs receive funding that supports certification. Click here to find your local program.

Canada Funding Opportunities

IPAC Canada Membership Discount

IPAC Canada offers a $50 discount on IPAC Canada membership to anyone who certified for the first time the previous year. This does not apply to those who recertify.

IPAC Canada Chapters

Some individual IPAC Canada Chapters offer support for their members. You can find the contact information for your local chapter here.

Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario

The SARS Memorial Fund for Infection Control Practitioners (ICP) is a tuition/certification/professional development reimbursement program funded by the Molson Canada SARS concert (2003) and sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care. The fund provides grants for Infection Control Practitioners from any discipline, who are currently working in Ontario, to support continuing education, certification/re-certification and professional development for individual Infection Control Practitioners so that they can improve their knowledge and lead Infection Control Practices within their health care settings.

Miscellaneous Funding Opportunities


Some organizations have foundations behind them that provide funding. If your hospital or organization has a foundation, we have created a template letter to ask your foundation for funding. Click here to download the letter.