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How can you help others become certified?

The mission of CBIC is to protect the public through the development, administration, and promotion of an accredited certification in infection prevention and control. CBIC maintains and promotes professional certification of the highest quality through the accomplishment of key objectives. With this mission in mind, CBIC has set a challenging goal of attaining 840 net new certificants each year in its strategic plan. You can track the progress of this goal in the infographic on the previous page. You can help us and your profession by encouraging your colleagues, employees, members and other Infection Prevention and Control Professionals to become certified. You can find ways to show your support and encourage certification below:


Many Infection Prevention and Control Professionals have inquired about being mentored before taking their CIC® examination. While CBIC does not offer a mentorship program at this time for non-certified individuals, we encourage others to mentor colleagues or even start a mentorship program within your chapter or organization.

CIC® Facilitator Resource Toolkit

The CIC® Facilitator Resource Toolkit was developed by CBIC to help APIC and IPAC Canada Chapters, State HAI Programs, hospital systems and other groups who support certification in infection prevention and control (CIC®) with their certification efforts. This toolkit contains everything from a pre-scripted presentation, to template letters to use to request support from your supervisor or your foundation, to ideas for meetings, study groups, and other ways to help promote certification. You can view the individual components of the toolkit below or download the full toolkit here.

CIC® Support Guide: for Partners and Collaborators

CBIC works with several organizations who support certification in infection prevention and control (CIC®). If you are considering becoming a partner or collaborator with CBIC, we hope that you will download and review our CIC® Support Guide: for Partners and Collaborators. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Interact with CBIC Online

CBIC is constantly generating new content to support certification. If you are on social media, or even just email, share our links and posts to help spread the word about certification. Here are some examples of what you can share:

  • Collaboration Corner
    See what other chapters and organizations are doing to support certification. Click here to view an online archived collection or join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram on Wednesdays to see and share Collaboration Corner posts!
  • CIC® in the Spotlight
    See what other CICs think about certification and get advice. Click here to view an online archived collection or join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram on Fridays to see and share CIC® in the Spotlight posts!
  • Podcasts
    CBIC records a half a dozen new podcasts each year. Podcast topics include subjects such as helpful resources, rationale behind CBIC policies, general certification and more! Listen and share these by clicking on this link.
  • Video Testimonials
    Watch videos on how CICs feel about their certification. These videos were taken at the most recent APIC annual conference. Get first-hand knowledge from recent CICs and CICs who have been certified for many years! Click here to watch and share these videos.
  • Promote certification at your next meeting
    CBIC has created a pre-scripted presentation regarding certification in infection prevention and control, how to apply for certification and how to maintain certification. You can download either the long or short version of this presentation by clicking here. Then feel free to give the presentation at your next chapter or organization meeting!
  • Tell your colleagues to sign-up for our Future CIC® E-newsletters!
    Every other month CBIC sends out an e-newsletter for Infection Prevention and Control Professionals who are interested in becoming certified. These e-newsletters contain featured current certificants, featured chapters and tips and advice for certification. Share this link with anyone who would like to receive these e-newsletters.

Contact CBIC for Resources

Please feel free to reach out to CBIC for print materials, future CIC® ribbons and pens to help support certification at your events. Email with the type of materials you will need, how many you will need and the address the materials should be sent to. Please also feel free to contact us for more online resources or advice on how you can help support certification!